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SJ4000 Action Camera

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. SJ4000 Action Camera Review

    Price: $120.00~ eBay. +$20.00 32gb SD card
    Video Quality: 1080p, Looks great.
    TL;DR: Buy one, it is great. Video looks good, camera is waterproof to 30m and can do everything a GoPro can. Can even use GoPro accessories.

    I purchased the SJ4000 after watching this very comprehensive review:






    After unboxing the camera the first thing that impressed me is just how many accessories you get. You get a mount for pretty much anything. I have tried the camera mounted to my Hand, forearm and chest using just the accessories from the box. Chest provided best results (mounted on a bags strap).

    The next thought is how good the case quality is. The case feels sturdy and tough. Mechanisms feel good, I instantly trusted this device to be waterproof.

    The build quality of the camera itself (the black thing in the case) is not great, but good. I am confident if you dropped it from head hight OUTSIDE of the case you would not be happy. If it was in the case - I suspect no problems at all. But who uses these outside of the case anyway?

    After testing the video quality around the office, I was impressed. Looks great.

    Using it on the road seems good too. Mounting it on my hand resulted in too much vibration from the Harley Davidson, mounting it on my chest provided a great view point, camera shot and no vibration.

    Another great selling point is that all accessories sold for the GoPro, work on this camera. So you have plenty of options.

    Not to mention the fact the batteries can be replaced in these for very little. This means after your battery is dead from charging and un-charging after daily use for a year, you can replace the battery and get a whole new lease on life.

    I have no trouble in recommending this camera.

    When purchasing:
    Buy from eBay. Many chinese sellers offered this camera + free express post for $120 + some extra accessories like batteries and mounts. My camera arrived from china in 5 days (2 of those had been the weekend).

    For more on this camera, including demo videos, watch the review I linked to above - it is very comprehensive.

    Ask any questions you may have.
  2. Nice review Falcon. My purchase is still on the way.
    Re vibration, I understand some of the high end cams have image stabilisation built in - I would guess that's a stretch too far at this price level?
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    This camera has Image stabilization for still photographs but not for video. So that doesn't really help.

    I am 100% confident you would have no vibration issues with this mounted to a helmet. Like I said above, when it was mounted to my chest it was perfect. The problem is that your hands/forearms are the bit linking you to the vibrating bike below. :p

    I am not mounting to my helmet till we hear the outcome of this trial. Till that time it will be mounted on my chest, I am concerned if I come off it might break my ribs. I think its more dangerous on the chest than the helmet.

    Here is a screenshot from some 1080p footage. PLEASE NOTE: the image quality looks much better on sunny days or in adequate lighting.

  4. Knowing netrider your road positioning will get more attention than your camera ;)
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  5. Some users with other brand have reported issues with sound recording when the cam is inside the case. I would expect it to be muffled but is there any rattling, and what can you hear? (ie. wind noise, engine).
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    Notice the indicator is on - I was changing lanes. :p

    It is muffled - yes, very.
    You can hear the HD engine through it of course.... You can hear me muffled if I am saying something like "Oh come on, what are you doing?!" loudly.
  7. Looks heaps better than the POS 3sxty I got for $40 from Bigw. And they do get muffled once they are in their case, as you would expect. Might have to invest. You can get even cheaper on DX.com.au I believe, with express postage. About $100 even.
  8. Probably, but I found ebay to have better package deals. For instance I got an extra battery, battery dock and car mount system with mine.
  9. Can't help it, I bought on ebay for way, way cheaper. So cheap you guys would chew your own elbows off in despair if I told. On the other hand it hasn't arrived yet. Oh well, Paypal protection if it comes to that.
  10. ^^ Cmon, Fess up, How much?. Have me very interested now :]
  11. You got a brand new SJ4000 for less than $120?
  12. Not yet. But if it does arrive I will have :sneaky:
    I acknowledge it was a gamble, but I assessed the risk and judged it acceptable. And before you ask, the opportunity has now passed.
  13. Stop being so shy with the details and tell us what you have done.
    How much, where from, why.

    Elaborate man! This is like pulling teeth from a chicken.
  14. It's normally buy at auction from a new seller with 0 feedback. Then rely on Paypal to refund when it doesn't turn up. Same as I am about to maybe do :]
  15. Exactly half what you paid Falcon, all up. But as I said I haven't got it in hand yet. I'm sure it was a mistake, the seller (ebay) had a good rep, has communicated and it's not overdue yet. They were gone within the hour, and he hasn't put any more up.
    I was almost ready to pull the pin on $117 when I saw it.
  16. Exactly
  17. Yup - It not only looks identical, it has very, very similar specs and takes all the same attachments.
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  19. Wow, now I've been undercut. A lot :ROFLMAO:
    It is getting crazy.
    Need to ensure it really is a SJ4000 and not a POS WDV5000, but at that price I'm not sure I care.
  20. #20 Gooza, Jul 25, 2014
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    Feck, that's cheap. We'll find out in a few weeks if they are originals. Just bought one :snaphappy: