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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pottsy44, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. firstly, do sizes of the same brand match. ie size 50 mx1 alpine star = size 50 octane alpine star?

    secondly, do sizes of different brands generally match. ie. size 50 dainese = size 50 alpine star?

  2. in my experiences they dont match. ( A* and dainese dont).
    Not sure about others
  3. In my experience it depends on where the item is made.
    US sizing is quite large compared to Europe.
    However Pakatani made stuff is hit and miss although the quality is quiet good for the price.
  4. so ordering off the net is not a good idea?
  5. If you can return the item it shouldnt be a problem. Have a chat to the seller first. Good sellers will say allow +1 size or whatever.
    If you are a "regular" size it should be easy as long as you know what you're buying.
  6. Ordering off the net is fine, just go to some local stores and try on some helmets first and find one you like and that fits properly - THEN order the same helmet online. You will find that "identical" sized helmets in different brands/models will fit your head quite differently so you should always buy a helmet that you've tried on beforehand.
  7. I have an old RJAY's jacket, size 44, which fits perfectly - but it was time for an update.

    So I bought a Collins leather jacket, size 44 off the net thinking it'd be fine, but I'll have to lose a couple of kilos to get into it.

    So beware!

    On the glove front, I'm a "large" glove in most brands, but an XL in alpinestars - and that's a snug fit.

    So yeh, Oils aint oils... sizing has some interpretation to it.