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Sizing up – do u do it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. When you roll up to the lights, and another motorbike (stranger) rolls up next to you, do you notice that there is a ‘sizing up’ procedure that goes on. it only may take a few seconds or so, but there may be acknowledgment from the other motorbike guy, then, there is a process of sussing out the bikes. Brand, model, a/market exhaust, tyres, condition, etc.

    It may be done subconsciously if you are a long time rider, or you may be new, and seek to do it. it could well be another version of the ‘my dick is bigger than yours’, competition scenario.

    I have seen it done as a cager, with bikes in front of me at the lights, and now I am noticing that there is a ‘mutual sussing’ out as a rider.
  2. Lol after reading the topic I assumed this was a thread about sizing up gear in a store but buying online.

    Haven't been involved in any sizing up as you mention thus far.
  3. yep, its usually some kid on a cbr125, then they go screaming off like they have something to prove
  4. in saying that, ive judged them and and come to the conclusion of no threat to manhood there...hmm
  5. Wozdamatta jp, feeling like you got a Jr Burger? :D

    No, I just ignore that nonsense. All I'm interested in is if they are going to be sociable or aloof.
  6. a friently nod and i'm off - no sizing up
  7. I always check out the bikes that pull up next to me at the lights. Don't think of it as sizing up.
  8. Why is it that nobody seems to nod any more?
    I couldn't help it
  9. Yeah i usually check out the bike and rider next to me. I noticed alot of riders "sizing me up" on Sunday. Could have been the clear visor, could have been the girl on the back who knows
  10. Maybe they are stunned by the orange glow infront them
  12. Some of the shit you netriders come up with too talk about just blows my mind...

    I think I need to step away from the internet completely.
  13. I tend to nod at them, if they nod back it's game on.

    We'll hop off the bikes and sort of move back and forth in semi-circles, hunch shoulders down a bit and make jungle noises.

    I have been told that the dominant ape is the one who doesn't break their stare, so me and my potential male - or female - competition at the lights will begin a staring death match, the loser of which will run away and leave their motorcycle on the road. The victor will beat his or her chest/boobs and return to their bike.

    This is what we're talking bout, right?
  14. Yeah I like it when other riders feel me up at the lights.

    Hang on . . .
  15. To what, exactly?
  16. Grab rail of course.
  17. Does the up nod mean something different to the down or side nod?? The up nod to me means game on, just like the quadrangle back in high school....
  18. lol! You need to do something to pass the time on rainy or work days.

    I aggree that this thread is pretty much dribble. I know what the OP is saying but is something that happens all the time nothing to do with bikes and for all kinds of reasons, its basic animal/human instinct.
  19. I don't size up other riders at the lights 'cos I've already sussed 'em out from a distance, stalked them carefully using other traffic as cover, then lined up in their blind spot before sending them down in a streak of oily flame with a burst from the ol' Lewis gun :twisted:.

    Seriously, unless the bike's something really out of the ordinary or the rider's someone I know, I'm more interested in their riding than anything else and that's better watched from a safe remove out on the move. This being WA, I'm generally unimpressed.
  20. Usually yes, coz I needs to know.... :)

    I need to know what the other bike is, and the riders "presence", so I can adjust the way in which I intended to depart when the lights change. Drop in behind, go a bit harder and get in front, move to the right or left to give them space etc etc.
    Or if I'm on a mission, ignore them. I do my thing when the lights change and they can sort themselves out.
    It's not ego, coz I could care less if they beat me off the line when the lights change. Just as long as they stay outa my way!!.

    I will sometimes say hello if I'm relaxed and just tootling and time permits. If it's an L plater, I will sometimes cover for them. (which they may misinterpret, telling their mates how they blew this tosser on a Fireblade, off from the lights on the way home) :))) (groan)