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Size of bike by your bodyweight

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. hey guys Im new to this whole bike thing in fact I got my L test today.
    i was wondering if you can shed any light on getting the right bike depending on your size and weight.
    I got my heart set on a Honda VT250c. I been out and about and sat on a few but Ive yet to take it out on the road. hopefully come sunday i be out for a test drive.
    Some guys have said Im not big enough to hold a bike that size on the road. I only weigh nearly 70kg.......Im slim thats for sure.
    So if anybody pu there has a bike of simelar size maybe you can offer some advice.
    The VT250 feels solid and I like the size. I sat on some Virago's to but It didnt turn ma crank.

    Any Vt250 riders out there who can offer some assistance.
    im new to Australia too and from Scotland so riding in Scotland is impossible due to summer only lasting for 4 days.......and thats a good one.

  2. tartan, find a post from a guy called Haggis, (no prizes for guessing where he's from :) ), and send him a PM and discuss, as well as the other good advice you'll get, of course.

    Dennis is a slightly built guy, rides pushbikes and stuff, and he's just bought a bike too and would be of help to you, I believe.

    Oh, and Welcome to the Netrider Asylum, and our land of the long summer, God's gift to motorcyclists!!!
  3. VT250 would be perfect for you. Don't take any notice of the naysayers!!!
  4. Cricky! a VT250 is a small bike.

    don't let the arse talkers get to you.

    Height is generally more important then build. If your shortish as well the VT would be perfect.

    Get back to us with the same question when you are looking at a Goldwing or a 1100 Katana
  5. If you weigh 70 kg then you will have no probs with the VT. Once you put all your gear on you will weigh near 75kg so I would not worry about it.

    Welcome to Netrider
  6. One of the HART instructors must only weight 50-55kg - she's tiny! Yet she managed a FireBlade quite well on our ride. I think technique has as much to do with it as anything, but @ 70kg you'll be fine on that bike, or pretty much any 250.
  7. Valentino Rossi: 64kg
    Next question?
  8. Ok next question......
    did he used to do ballet ?
  9. .... only of the most expressive type, on 125s (world champion), then 250s (world champion), then 500s (world champion) and then MotoGP (world champion)
    Are you noticing a trend here.....?
  10. VT250 is the spada....(very small) VT250c / V 25 is the cruiser (very large for a 250)

    Try and PM Grrrl, she rides one with no fuss and I'm sure she'd way less than you......

    I weighed in at 55kg and rode a GT250 2 Stroke and a XV250 with no problems, was 65kg when I bought the SV650, so I don't think you'd have any troubles at all.

    P.S. Love the nick
  11. If your looking at a VT250, check out the Hyosung Aquila GV250 and the Kawasaki Eliminator, both out perform most other 250 cruisers.
    I can vouch for Hyosung, as I, my son and now my daughter have had great use out of ours.
  12. Yeah but they're 24 hours long! :p

    Anyway, VT250, VT250C or V25, you should be easily able to handle any of them.
  13. And whadd'ya weigh now fat boy?!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. (and just so you know, the Virago has vey little street cred)
  15. Careful now or I'll sit on you :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Then you'll find out :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nor any guts :p
  16. ....Fat Albert and the Chunky bunch.....Foxy and Cowboy as the lead members.....


    As to the bike weight versus body weight thing....get whatever bike feels comfortable to ride and that you can manage when moving slowly (i.e. U-turn). When I dropped mine in the driveway, I had to run out the front and pull over a passing motorist (30-something, brand new red monaro, nice suit, well groomed.....). I wouldn't worry too much.....

    :D :D :D
  17. Id like to post up a pic of my bike but I dont know how.
    Made my decision and i cant wait to pick it up. It looks a bit different than the normal Vt250c maybe its a scooter ?

    Sunday seems so far away and so is geelong when you have to use bloody public transport to get there.....
  18. Ha Ha HA

    I can vouch for that. I had trouble catching that thing at times even with the ever so slightly oversized rider on it. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah ok mine struggles as well. But I'm a bit lighter. Only 95kg :p :p :p
  19. I was thinking more of the Nutty professor and his family :LOL:
  20. Would someone be able to comment on my choice on bikes?

    Im after something similar to a honda cbr250rr, i weigh around 68kilos when in full training (which im changing to i'll gain more weight in the form of muscle) and naked so in gear and so on i'll probly weight around 75kilos after i add extra muscle and riding gear..thing is im pretty much dead on 6ft and most likley to have another growth spurt before i turn 20 (17 now)..

    anyway, would a cbr250rr be suitable for a 6ft sub 60/70 kilo guy??? i have quite a lankey frame