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Size Does Matter - to Girls?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. So a few days ago my sister mentioned that she's been talking to a girl at her work that I'd just gotten a bike. The first thing the girl asked was how many cc's? My sister responded 500. (I have a GS500) The girl's response was something along the lines of that's a crappy sissy bike, because she apparently rides a 600 and her boyfriend rides a litre cruiser. :?

    Now, I couldn't have cared less what a stranger thinks of my bike (I love it, btw, it's a perfect first bike - and one of the only few that I can reach ground on after much lowering too :p ), but it does bring up an interesting point: Size DOES matter to girls, apparently.

    First of all, almost all - no, actually, ALL my friends have bigger bikes than me. Most ride 750 or litre Gixxers. Most of these people are also guys. These guys don't bat an eyelid at the mention that a new rider is getting a 250 for a first bike and just encourage them to ride and get confident on their skills.
    However, when I mention something about getting a bike to ANY of my girl friends at all, it seems that anything less than a 750 just won't do and are pissy (some of these girls don't even own bikes or know much about them!).

    Secondly, I am also acutely aware that size does not necessarily translate to more speed or better handling/whatever. Ie. an RS250 can probably smoke a 750 cruiser any given day.

    Hence this can only mean that: Brute Size Means Everything To Girls. (Take note, boys!! :LOL: )

    Being an officially accredited, lifetime member of the female species myself, I'm quite baffled that I've obviously managed to miss this golden rule on my Survival Guide.

    Has anyone else discovered this?


  2. Nope. :p

    & the day I do, I will politely tell the girl to go f*ck herself.

    I dont see many girls on <big> bikes so I would be suprised if I got such a reaction (esp if its from a non-rider). :roll:

  3. :cool: :cool: :cool:

    yeah, y'know, i gotta litrebike....

    :cool: :cool: :cool:

    :biker: :p
  4. Bastard. :LOL: :twisted:
  5. :rofl: :rofl:

    did i mention i also have size 13 1/2 shoes?
  6. :LOL: LOL You ----> :blackeye: <---- Me. :twisted:

    I still think I can get a Litre bike by May... the rest.. well I've no chance to compete with you there I'm afraid. :oops: :(
  7. Guys get big capacity bikes to get the girls in the first place, its when they take their pants off that they realise they made a BIG mistake (i mean small mistake) :LOL:
  8. well.......i got two kids, so at least it works :oops: :?

    UNLESS...... :evil: :evil: :evil:

  9. Most people have no idea about anything to do with motorcycles. So they won't be able to understand let alone tell how many cc's a bikes got.

    Some will have some knowledge of bikes and so may think more cc's are better.

    The rest will know that cc's don't matter but....i'm sorry to say.....it's how you use it :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Grace I've got a GS500 as well and I don't care what anyone else thinks :evil: It suits my purpose and I don't need anything bigger, but I will upgrade possibly to a GSR600, because I think it looks sexy :)
  11. I got 5 kids, so you must have been talking kids shoe size eh? :LOL:

    Shame on you Mr Joel. [-X :butt:
  12. Hey gracebeey (I met you at the CC a few weeks back.) I also never had a guy make a derrogatory comment when I had the ZZR250. It was a sexy, new, black baby and I only ever had admiring comments.
    I must say though that since I traded it for the ER6F (650cc), I have had guys surprised (some seem to think a small girl should only ride a 250.)
    I will get ready for the 'opinions' to start flooding in- but overall I find male bikers much more friendly and helpful than females. I have found that girls mostly have a 'competitive' view on other girls that ride, and this may be the issue in your case.
  13. I've noticed that some girls go for the sub 6 second club; 0-100kmph in under 6 seconds.
  14. PeeWee! :p

    I got 1.1litres :rofl:

  15. Your GS500 would prolly whip his a#s anyway, challenge him to a jaunt through the twisties somewhere. Size doesn't matter, it's what you can do with it, and a litre cruiser is a missionary position bike if ever there was one. :LOL:
  16. I have the same thing....most people (especially guys) are suprised I ride a 900. "Isn't that a bit big???" My response is always that it suits me and my purposes perfectly.

    Actually, now I think about it....I think guys have an issue with the fact I ride a Ducati. :roll: :LOL:
  17. i dont care what a girl rides lol as long as i can ride behind her and she looks good on the bike !
  18. Some girls have a competitive view on everything it seems....looks, bikes.... :cool:

    And an old saying springs to mind. Its not what tools ya got, it's how you use them.
  19. i ride a 250 (cause i've only got a restricted licence anyway) and so far i've had no probs with anyone - male or female - maybe cause i'm just tooooo happy to have found biking later in life to worry or notice?

    and so far, all i've had from anyone is encouragement and lots of "go for it" confidence building comments.

    have i just been lucky?
  20. Not all guys lil.
    You know I've ridden with girls on Ducatis. :grin:
    In fact, I'll ride with at least one tomorrow.
    Riding behind them watching their lines of course. :wink: