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size 36 leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vintec, May 12, 2010.

  1. i've got a small (approx. size 38) scorpion stinger jacket. my expensive experience tells me that a little bit off in leather sizing makes a huge difference, and that trying leather jacket off the bike doesn't help too

    i've decided to bite the bullet and shop for another jacket properly, in size 36. it is a rare size to find over here and the states, european/italian jackets will cost me an arm.

    i've seriously considering tiger angel or walden miller but before i splurge, i'd like to know more about other options worn by fellow riders of similar size after digging up this thread

    i'm also particularly concerned with sleeve length as my current jacket is over 1" too long and it's impossible to get that altered properly

    i'm 169cm tall (approx. 5'6"), 31" sleeve length. cheers
  2. Hey vintec,

    I'm 167cm tall and weigh 60kgs... I had the same problem as you... I've bought jackets that don't seem to fit very well... In the end, I bought a dainese jacket which I should have done in the beginning... It is expensive but in my opinion, it's worth every cent... It fits me perfectly... I bought size 44 which is an extra small... It's nice tight fit... don't know how long the sleeves are but they fit me perfectly...

    What's your budget? I paid $850 for my jacket which i bought online.. It's a daniese santa monica jacket... so i did save a fair bit... but at the end of the day it's up to you... My advice is to try on these euro jackets and see how they fit...
  3. cheers mate, that's a very good insight of the santa monica. How true to size are dainese? I suspect the sleeves are too long for me according to their sizing chart

    all said, i could go the custom made route that guarantees perfect fit for that price, especially there aren't a lot of dainese around for me to try on before buying online

    alpinestars offers more choices and there are a few of them in size 36 but most local stores do not stock size 36 :(
  4. I've tried on both Alpinestars 36/46 and Dainese 36/46 jackets. I'd say they're both very similar in terms of sizing. The Dainese leather is clearly the more supple of the two, and I would expect it to stretch a little more if needed.
  5. Not at all. Shortening and lengthening are fairly straightforward alterations. The elbow armour may have to be moved so it sits correctly but that of course, is possible.

    If buying a jacket that doesn't fit properly, the important thing to go for is a good fit across the shoulders. Anything else can be adjusted. Of course, a good motorcycle leather technician can make anything fit, it's just a case of keeping the labour down to make it cost effective :beer:
  6. i guess alpinestars wouldn't fit me if the sizing is similar to dainese, as the sleeves are too long for me. Unless someone care to correct me.

    yes, armour was in the wrong position unaltered, so there was no point shortening the sleeve from the cuff. i took mine to Phil from Hi Side leather repairs, very reputable in brissy and asked him if he could shorten the sleeve from the armpit/bicep area,to which he told me it's impossible, or maybe he meant impossible to do it within reasonable cost?

    And due to the wrong sizing, the jacket length (collar to waist) is a bit too long to the point when i sit on the bike, my hip would push the jacket upwards and causing a very loose fit around the neck, allowing the air to enter, great for summer, not for winter, but that's not a proper fit after all.

    i tried to accept the imperfect fit but it is still one size too large, after all. sigh...
  7. I honestly have no idea why he would say it was impossible. We have done alterations like that many times.
  8. I hate to say it, but if you are looking at that end of sizing it might be worth trying on some ladies jackets, I konw a couple of guys that are smaller and have fit into my jacket.

    Womens jackets tend to have shorter arms, and if you look at the sub size 44 they dont have that much room in the chest area.
  9. thanks for the heads up, ozmcleathers

    yea, i managed to try on ladies size 46 dainese ducati jacket the other day and i'm not sure if it's the ladies cut or something, it simply doesn't fit right. will try on more if i get the chance
  10. try on the A* stella tx-1 (looks exactly he sames and the mens one) I have seen 2 guys put mine on and it fitted ok
  11. will do, thanks!

    btw, by any chance anyone's got EU size 46 alpinestars NYC?
  12. I ordered it earlier this week from the states and will let you know as soon as i get it!~
  13. you ordered a* NYC? sweet, keep me posted, cheers
  14. My A* NYC jacket (size 36/46) came in today. looks very clean and schmick!! Its all black, with no fancy colours. Very subtle styling for A*'s.

    I'm 167cm, wear size 31 jeans, and am 67kg. Jacket fits very nicely around chest, however, if i had to be really really picky:
    - the sleeve is maybe half an inch too long. Nothing gloves can't cover though.
    - not as tight around the waist as I'd like. Its NOT loose, but can be tighter. There are however adjustable straps to rectify this, but its creases the leather and so i didnt bother. looks better with straps in original position.

    Overall, i really like it. Looks better than it does in the pictures, and seems very well made. Comes with a full windproof liner which i found surprising (vest and sleeves). However, the liner is not insulated. Haven't ridden in the cold yet, so can't comment on its effectiveness.

    If you've got any other questions, just let me know.

  15. Hey Buddy,

    I'll throw in my two cents.

    I'm about 172cm and 60kg, had the same problems as you finding a nice fitting jacket in which I originally bought one that was a bit too big in some areas and snug in others.

    Eventually I bought the Dainese Delmar, Size 44. Throw in a backprotector, and when new, the thing was pretty snug around the body (shoulder, elbows, armpit and abdomen) and wrist (I have small wrists, and it was snug until my watch kinda stretched the left wristhole). I'm not exactly sure on my measurements and that of the Delmar to be of any use for you, but in the end it was a decent buy.

    Question for you now: Have you considered the RS-TAICHI label? They're a Japanese brand, so I believe if you have Asian or Asian-like body, this brand might have the right jacket for you. Of course, it'll probably be difficult for you to find a retailer that stocks the latest RS Taichi products, but you might be able to consult support staff at RS-TAICHI for sizing and fit, and maybe even order a jacket online and convince them to ship it to Oz. Your money means business to them.

  16. good review, sk11tz. i'm so tempted to get one myself. do you mind measuring the jacket length from shoulder to waist? just want to make sure the jacket length is not too long. also some pics would be great too, especially showing how much extra on the wrist.

    thanks for your $0.02 donation, Mike. RS-Taichi and dainese are way too expensive for my budget. and there's no way i could try them on before purchase really turns me off