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Sixty Degrees - Basic Bike Maintenance Workshop

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by MelbourneMick, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Last Thursday evening I went to the Sixty Degrees Motorcycles Basic Bike Maintenace Workshop.

    $35 and almost 3 and a half hours is value for money in anyones language. yes the workshop went a little overtime but it sure didn't matter to anyone.

    The workshop was great for someone like me who hasn't been around bikes until recently. You can read you Owners Manual and read all the forums (opinion or fact?) but do you really know what you are looking for when you actually get up close and personal with your bike?

    The course covers
    Basic Bike Maintenace.
    1. Pre-ride Checks
    2. Tyres - a lot of time is spent on all things tyres and when that is the only thing attaching you to the road it is well worth listening and taking notes.
    3. Oils and Fluids
    4. Brakes
    5. Lighting Systems
    6. Chain and Sprockets
    7. Levers

    The course is presented in a way that you do NOT have to be a mechanic to understand it. Different types of bikes are used to demonstrate different things. eg coolant reservoirs, dip sticks, sight glasses etc.
    You are shown up close in a practical manner what you are being taught.

    What you are shown will assist you in keeping your bike in good condition between servicing and be able to perform basic maintenance. It will also help you with fault finding so when you drop you bike into a shop you have at least a bit of an idea of what is wrong. That's better than handing it ot a mechanic and saying "there is a funny sound when i ride"

    At the course were people who had been riding from 2 weeks to 20 years and everyone I spoke to said the benefitted in some way from it.

    My personal opinion is the course will save your bike and in turn save you life.

    The courses are run every few months so keep an eye on their website for the next one.

    Fantastic to see a service provider offering this kind of workshop !

  2. Sounds good I wonder if they have anything like that up here ?
  3. Or in Sydney.

    I would be keen to do a course
  4. Sounds like an excellent idea.

    This is something that should be covered from time to time in the Sat am practice sessions, too. It doesn't take all that long, it isn't all that hard to learn, and it could end up saving you heaps of money. One day, it may just save your life.
  5. KD.

    We do cover these things at a semi-regular spanner days after the sat session.

    There will be one in the near future.
  6. Kewel - ! I thought it was. As you were.
  7. i saw this advertised the other week - may consider going to the next one! i know only the basic of basic maintenance :p
  8. For value for money and the experience you would be hard pressed to find better
  9. Except the free one's that Doug does from time to time ;)

    Sounds good though. I might look into this as well. Hanging for the next spanner day with Doug too. How big was the group Mick?
  10. There was 20 people in the group. Everyone has a opportunity to get involved and ask questions etc.

    For less than a slab of beer it is a good deal