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Six weeks from Japan?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jaqhama, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. How many times have you gone to order a part for your bike and the guy tells you they don't have the part in stock and it will have to be back ordered from Japan...and could well take six weeks to arrive?
    If you need your bike for daily transport that just sux huh?
    My 1400 Intruder...regulator...six weeks they said.
    KLR 650 water pump...six weeks.
    Ducati Monster...a bloody sump plug can you believe...yep...six weeks from Italy.
    I got all those parts from two different shops in the USA, ordered via email and ended up paying almost one third less than here anyway.
    In fact the regulator arrived in six days from MR Cycles.
    The water pump...ten days.
    The sump plug was about ten days.
    If you're just jacked off with that six weeks crap, then just check they sold or sell your bike in the USA...find one of the larger bike shops there and just email them and ask if they have the part in stock and can they send it to you in a shorter time period than the Aussie shop quoted you?
    Most really big shops in America stock thousands of parts for popular model bikes.
    Yeah I know, we're taking away from our local dealers...too bad...buying in the USA is quicker and cheaper as far as I can see.
    Check the price of bike clothing in the USA, and how many more styles are available.
    I order all my stuff from the USA or the UK now. There are also some great bargins from South African bike shops...their Rand is worse off than our dollar.
    Good hunting chaps.

  2. south african and US sites you shop at?
  3. You mean which sites in particular...hell just type motorcycle shops USA into a search engine...there's millions of them. I just surf thru them, see what gear they have, compare prices, find the cheapest and email them.

    Same with South Africa and the UK stores.

    www.webbikeworld.com in the UK

  4. * Added the (2) sites to my list *

    Cheers mate :)
  5. I dunno about having to buy parts from US suppliers. Tried sourcing parts once for my Kat from Peter Stevens in Elizabeth St. - was told there'd be at least a 4 week delay since they "don't keep those items in stock". Went to one of the local shops here in Ballarat - part was ordered and delivered in a week (I've never had to wait longer than 2 weeks for a part). So perhaps it's just best to stay away from some of the larger stores (who only seem interested if they think they can sell you a new bike) and try some of the smaller stores which are more reliant on repeat business (and therefore tend to have far better service).
  6. ex japan get it dhld 3 days wait.
  7. I have never had so much shit service since moving to Australia. (Now don't go & get all upset & patriotic cause I do love the place :grin: ) In NZ I always bought & rode Yamahas (& the odd Suzuki). Why? Because if they could not get you the part overnight they would fly it out from Japan within 48 hours.
    Suzuki did 2 flights a week ex Japan so the longest you would have to wait was about 3 days.
    Here, Honda doesn't seem too bad. They don't seem to carry anything other than air & oil filters in stock but at least their 10-14 days ex Japan seems pretty much spot on -most of the time.
    But god help you if you own a Ducati, MV & I have heard some pretty bad stories about Kawasaki & spare parts.
    Time will tell with my KTM :roll:
  8. I called peter stevens for a speedo cable for an older suzuki, couldnt find the part anywhere at wreckers.
    They had it in store in 2 days. Maybe i was lucky.

    BTW it was cheaper than wreckers wanted for similar items, and it was brand new.
  9. More on-line stores for U Kishy


    Now to do an internet search of south african bike shops you need to type in ZA, that's the way they use SA.
    Like za motorcycle shops...will return a list of SA bike shops.
    here is a good link for shops in SA

    have fun shopping Kishy.
  10. You're a champ Jaqhama :wink: :blackeye:
  11. same thing happened when i needed a new gear lever. a wrecker from findapart.com.au quoted me $45 for a second hand one. beaconsfield honda got me one the next day new for $40... :grin: