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Six Shooter Bar End Weights

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 64kym, May 17, 2010.

  1. Ordered these from the UK a few week ago, I love the look

  2. they look massive lol, sure they arnt oggy nobs hehe
  3. Gah, you need new primers!
  4. This is what they look like on the bike 9mm knobs Lol

  5. They go well with the MT-01 rugged look.

    Out of curiosity, what sort of range do you get from the 15L tank?
  6. Does it bother you that it's a rimless round in a revolver?
  7. Hi Luigi, like most bikes it depends on how you ride it but I seem to get around 200km before fuel light comes on which gives you another 40 odd k's
  8. This isnt going to play out well .........................

    "Motorcyclist dropped his bike today at low speed and died on the scene from multiple gunshot wounds."
  9. Not possible, they are all expended shells as you can see from the dints on each shell from the firing pin.

  10. :) joke.
  11. Gosh stu_h I thought you were serious !
  12. hahaha

    It appeared that dewy didnt see the gag...

    Look v kool, and will see a bunch of double takes from cars that catch a glimpse..
  13. They were repacked ? Like shotgun shells ?

    Is it possible ?
  14. Nope. Those little indents are from firing pins which create a spark which ignites the powder etc. When you reload the rounds, you replace the primers.
  15. what are the advantages of bar weights?
  16. Reduces vibrations in the bars.
  17. It's not the vibration of bars which is my problem, it's the way they spin after a few drinks.
  18. Keh? :-s
  19. Ohhh....thanks.
    I Googled 'motorbike primer'...8-[