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Six-Pot Scream!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. For those of you who are interested in the Suzuki Stratosphere (katana looking) concept bike then you should check out his URL. It is posted in the latest AMCN and will direct you to the website that gives you all the info about it.

    You can even listen to the engine in operation by clicking on the 'engine sound' link.



  2. Not bad ... for a suzuki :p

    It has alot of wank factor crap like a camera mounted to the front ... and adjustable windscreen. I like technological advances but i like to have some excitment .. next they will put a box around it .. .put two more wheels so it doesnt fall over ... ohh wait .. its called a car.
  3. Jeez that sounds wicked. Nasty, nasty engine!
  4. broadband has been throttled back :oops: took about 5 mins to load up .... was worth the wait . Nice looking bike until you see the headlights ewwww .... sounds pretty nice too
  5. Gee AMCN are up to date :roll: (posted that link here 3 months ago). Still can't wait for the bike to come out, would love it if they made a 600cc version too :) (pistons wouldn't be any smaller than a 4-cylinder 250).
  6. It may go well but i don't know how the thing will be to ride. It seems to be a very long and drawn out bike. I reckon it would steer shit slow!!
  7. Brings back a few memories!

    I remember riding the brand new CBX, 6 carbs 4 valve head!

    The sound was incredible, the handling wasn't!
  8. Just like the original Katana, makes it more suited to high speeds through long sweepers and straights than chucking about on a twisty road. The option of factory panniers on the Stratosphere would suggest they're going to market it more as a sports-tourer, the straight-6 should be perfect for that. After all if you want to go really fast, they still have the GSX-R.