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Six months on

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RussellDP, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Ive lasted through the first six months. Stayed upright which is a great thing, done some longer rides, many short commutes, and today loaned my car to my son, so 100 % on the bike from here for a while.

    Next purchase is waterproof over jacket.

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  2. Great milestone, congratulations.

    Not if it's only a 30 Watt Marshall, but a quad 100 Watt Valve amp stack might be a bit of a challenge... :)
  3. Not to mention the swap-out of an engine..! Good on you Russell. :]
  4. Looks like you have a good practical learner bike - keeping upright is the most important thing.

    In the past with a pack-rack - Ive carried full SCUBA kit including two tanks - so you never know maybe you can carry all your kit after all.
  5. I am getting really good at packing stuff into the top box, though fortunately its only a short ride from the supermarket to home. And yes, the engine swap out was a trial by fire but eventually got there after dropping a few choice words
  6. Its funny how stuff changes, even in the short term as well. Up until the engine blew, I was contemplating going for a bigger bike at the end of this year, was contemplating the MT07 or the CB650F at the time.

    Now with new(er) engine and that much extra spending cash allocated to the current ride, and knowing how most of my rides are commutes ( 10 km each way ) plus a 30 km each way trip 2-3 times a week, I am kinda struggling to justify an upgrade for anything apart from entertainments value.

    I reckon I will stay on the Hyo, upgrade the gear as I need to and have another look at around the end of 2017, unless something drastic changes between now and then.
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  7. Congratulations! I am one month in with motorcycle as only mode of transport, apart from catching train to work and walking to station... Any ideas to make the transition easier? I need to buy a waterproof over jacket and pants...
  8. For me, I realistically have been on the bike almost 100% since I got the L's and then the P's last year ( so riding since September ). I am fortunate that I have a top box on mine as it allows me to grab groceries etc on the way home ( gives the missus a break from buying and cooking ) and that I only have a relatively short 10 minute ride to and from work.

    I have done a couple of Melbourne trips on it from Shepparton, but the little motor does struggle a little dragging my fat arse at 110 on the Hume.

    Im also lucky enough to have an office at work where I can store my gear during the day, so I don't have to leave it on the bike.

    Things I would suggest are decent waterproof jacket, pants, boots and gloves, whether they be waterproof themselves or require an overcoat/pants type of thing. Bad enough going to work some days, but you don't wanna sit there with wet clothes on. As it goes forwards I may even put a change of clothes in a drawer in my office just in case.

    Its all about planning as well, you would be surprised how much stuff you don't actually need when travelling. A change of clothes, some basic toiletries, phone and phone charger.

    Also keep up the maintenance on your bike, if you cant do it yourself then don't cheap out on it. I am lucky enough that I know what I am doing with a lot of stuff on my bike, in terms of basic maintenance and repairs. I am not great with electrics but I can watch youtube and learn that stuff.

    And never try and make up time on a ride. Riding faster, more erattically wont do much for you. Leave 10 minutes early.
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  9. Thank you! I just got a water proof overcoat for my pants and jacket today! I do all the work myself so far but I ride a VTR250 and I have a Honda bike dealership a few mins from mine so I can get work done there :).

    I have a waterproof tail bag that clips on and off and expands out big enough to store a helmet which is nice.

    I have started taking a change of cloths with me just in case but I will just assume all ladies I meet are happy with me in my bike gear :).