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Six Degrees of Separation

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cookeetree, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. A post by mjt57 in this thread gave me an idea. Using the "six degrees of separation" theory, what famous person (or event) can you tie yourself to? I'll start...

    1. I have a brother.
    2. He has a wife.
    3. His wife had an uncle (deceased).


    4. He was this guy's first manager.

  2. So ! . . . . do you also have a mullet ?

    Fashion by association !
  3. No, but I've got the long denim jacket. :grin:

    j/k :wink:
  4. I have a kevin bacon rating of 4 =D
    (the oracleofbacon.org website isn't working to let me verify it)

    but you can see me in imdb.com

    and the movie I was in

    And I was also in the Commonwealth Games opening Ceremony, I was one of the rollerbladers with fireworks

    (I know its not in the OP's format, but I like bragging :grin: )
  5. degree 1: i'm friends with kate fisher
    degree 2: i think kate knows everyone in the whole world
    no more degrees needed :wink:
  6. 2 degrees to uncle chop-chop :grin:
  7. My wife went to school with the woman who plays Martha's mum in Dr Who.
  8. Oh yeah, and I've had sex in Alex Moulton's (rubber suspension guru) bed :grin: .

    No not with him :roll:
  9. My dad's uncle was Lawrence Hargrave :).
  10. 1. I have a father.
    2. His cousin served in the Royal Navy on the ship HMS Edinburgh.
    3. Prince Andrew Also served on the HMS Edinburgh at the same time.
    4. Prince Andrew's mother is the Queen of England
  11. I lived next door to Jeff from the wiggles :grin:

  12. I worked with a 1. Rocky who was living with 2.James Manson of Collingwood, 3. Paul Keating was a Main ticket holder who met james.
    Keating groped the 4. Queen She met the 5.Pope and 6.Nelson Mandella.

    My cousin worked in south Africa as a photographer and photographed Nelson Mandella often, even had dinner with him
    Mandella yadda yadda.

    I taught Nick Bracks business management but obviously not how to drive. :LOL:
  13. I wouldnt even be bragging about teaching Nick Bracks Business Management. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. 1. I've known Cate Blanchett and her family since we were kids
    1. I was in Lochie Daddo's class at school
    1. I went to uni with Dailan Evans and mixed for his band Gus
    1. I knew Julian Schiller back in secondary school
    1. I played in a band once with Wilbur Wilde

    There are others but its just getting a little too much like simply name dropping :LOL:
  15. 1. I'm a member of netrider
    2. BLuesuede is a member of Netrider
    3. Bluesuedes Grandfather was Mr Ducats
    4. Ducats make the best drink in the world (Mr D's)

    How Lucky am I.
  16. Damn - you've got a good memory! :LOL:
  18. No idea, sorry, I just know he was JF's first manager. My sister-in-law has got all of his memorabilia, including two gold records (Sadie and Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head).

    His name was Daryl Sambell. Lovely bloke. I met him about a year before he died.
  19. It's possible you also taught me then!!
  20. 2 degrees to Kylie Minogue and a different 2 degrees to Adolf Hitler :shock: