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Six days on the road.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by rc36, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Hi, peoples. I've just got back for 6 days touring the north coast. I had an absolute blast and rode all my favourite roads and some that I hadn't ridden before and are now on my favourites list.

    I'll update my web site in the next couple of days and upload photos as well.

    If you can get away up to the north coast, do it. It's sensational.
  2. That's what it's all about. Riding, riding, riding!
  3. Nice writeup RC, I try to do variations of that trip more than once a year, just to clear the cobwebs.

    Lol at “Ride your motorcycle. You’ll never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s office.” because it's too true!
  4. Actually, it's untrue! But for different reasons - it's surprising how many counsellors / psychologists / social workers ride. But perhaps this reinforces RC's point.
  5. Nice writeup rc! Sounds like you guys had a blast!
    Im glad to hear that!
    I live at Cessnock and tomorrow is the first day in months that my father and i have off at the same time! Ive wanted to do that run but since i last did it in a cage that was nearly shook to pieces, i was terrified at the prospect on the bike.
    We were going to do the run up to Broke, down to Wollombi and back in - a couple of hours tops, but id like to do the longer run down to Windsor via Wisemans Ferry, then back on the old highway.
  6. Look me up next time you hit Port Macquarie. Have a spare room (kids all left home). May join you on part of the journey
  7. Beautiful part of the world, I was lucky enough to be living in Bangalow when I was learning to ride. There are some excellent roads on the North Coast (and just over the border). Murwillumbah to Currumbin Valley, Murwillumbah to Kyogle (via Uki), Mt Lindsay Hwy, and many, many country roads in-between. And it’s always lush and gorgeous scenery.

    Sadly Tambourine is infected with tourists and inexperienced riders with large capacity bikes (and of course, the police that naturally follow riders who have an ego and bike far outstripping their skills) and the Springvale route is heading down the same path. And as I now live in Brisbane the excellent (and relatively quiet) roads down in NSW involve a full day to enjoy, so I don’t experience them nearly often enough.
  8. You may be sure I will do that; thanks for the offer.
  9. That was an awesome ride report with pics RC well done (y)
  10. Thanks for the vote, Sir!
  11. Another great bit of road up this way is the Gwyder Hwy from Grafton to Glen Innes
  12. Up and over Mulligan's Gap? Oh yeah, love that one too, as well as the flats alongside the river, so picturesque.
  13. That's a sweet quote. One of my goals is to do a trip like that, when I get time + money to do so. Cheers.
  14. But only to GI - it's so much more fun than coming down :)
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  16. Great write-up, needed more photos of the black beauty though ;)
  17. Doesn't look that beautiful now...:(

    I'll have a look and see if I have some more.
  18. That really is a beautiful part of the country, thanks for posting. (I hope you get back on two wheels again soon).
  19. Oh it is, and with all the rain they've had, the paddocks are so green it nearly hurts your eyes to look at them.