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Situational Awareness

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the_blacke, May 24, 2010.

  1. #1 the_blacke, May 24, 2010
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    Quick Tips for Newbies...

    One of my tips for commuting is to never stay behind a vehicle you can't see over, around, or through... so when the Big Ugly Van I was following indicated to move into the lane on our left, all was good. But here's a lesson why you should always pay attention not only to what is going on immediately around you, but also what is going on around the vehicles around you - and why you shouldn't zoom past a Big Ugly Van before he's finished moving into the next lane... ([URL="]youtube clip[/URL])

  2. Jeebuz. Even without that big ugly van I would have thought that was a pretty cheeky time for the Rav4 to pull out into the traffic. I'd bet he had to clean the upholstery of the driver's seat.
  3. Yep, definitely poor observation on the part of the Rav4.

    However, I think it also demonstrates that it's a good idea to avoid lane changes in such close proximity to junctions.
  4. I don't think he would have had to clean up anything. if he didn't notice the van coming he prolly wouldn't have seen it until to late anyway.

    I agree with pat about the lane changes, while the van did do everything fine it wasn't really the best place to do a lane change as entries to the road increase the risk a bit more.

    That road looked stupidly greasey.
  5. nice vid mate. what video camera do u use? im looking at buying one and wondering what i should spend. just to analyse my riding after hours :p
  6. You posted that Blackie? Nice commentry (y)

    Mind you the BUV lane change indication was more of a confirmation. His indicator flashes for the first time as he crosses the lane divider. But he had plenty of visual distance in front of him and good clearance past the overtaken vehicle. RAV4 driver was a twat!

    Did you roll off the throttle or set-up when you saw it unfolding in front of you? Nasty problem to deal with if it had turned really ugly - Especially in the wet.

    Fun Ha!
  7. I'm running a Kodak Zx3 (PlaySport) on the bike - great picture quality, but the sound is shocking (no protection from wind noise). I review the mount here and the youtube clip I link to also talks a little about the camera if you're interested.

    I paid less than $200 for mine. There are far cheaper options that I've seen, but not with HD recording.
  8. Just watched it again with sound and that music - missus the voice - is like p0rn music. Class.
  9. Nah didn't roll off the throttle I don't think - I was keeping a pretty constant distance behind the van and had a good view of what was unfolding, so I just stayed nice and smooth and watched it play out. But I like to keep a nice big buffer in front of me especially in the wet - between tar snakes and oil patches, I wouldn't have liked to do an emergency stop in those conditions.
  10. And we ponder why drivers don't see motorbikes?
    Sh*t, they don't even see big ugly vans coming at them!...
    A good lesson to all, that even if they are looking right at you, it does'nt mean they "see" you. So don't presume that they do.
  11. The BUV chose a crap time to change lanes. A motorcyclist changing lanes at the same location, where there is a fully visible car ready to come out into their path, should have a flamin roadcraft kick up the clacker.

    Nice vid by the way.