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Sitting On Bike Whilst Refueling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rustgold, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. To those who insist on sitting on their bikes whilst refueling.

    Have a look at a few service station fire videos. What do you think is going to happen if you're sitting on your bike, with the nozzle between your legs, and it erupts in flames. Your nuts are going to be fried, and it'll serve you right.

    You're not being a manly rebel, you're being a dimwit if you sit on your bike to refuel at a servo.
  2. I think I must lead some kind of charmed existence, I've never done it and I've never seen anyone do it? 33 years on the road over 100 000klms on motorcycles in the last 3 years alone
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  3. I dont see the point, you have to get off to pay
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  4. exactly :p
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  5. Mine require me to get off the bike, remove my helmet and perform some exotic form of handwaving dance before they turn the pump on.
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  6. Why do you care what others do.

    A number of bikes simply can't be refuelled to full capacity if sitting on the sidestand.

    As for a fire - there is no better way to be properly grounded to the bike than to be sitting on it - preventing a spark due to static. If you did research, you would realise the #1 cause of fires is caused by people getting out of their vehicles, going to refuel, breaking contact with the hose, then remaking contact again thus causing a spark due to the differential in electrical charge that has built up.

    I'd suggest it would be far smarter to stop telling others what they should do.
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  7. Sounds like it is time to find a new servo - I have only ever asked to get off the bike once - so I went somewhere else. My local never does.

    My other annoyance is *after refuelling* and needing to do an update on my phone before getting back on that they whinge about being on my phone for 1 minute. If it was while refuelling - then sure as they need people to concentrate on what they are doing. But simply using a phone in the vicinity to have a whinge when there is no evidence linking mobile phone use to fires - go away.
  8. Mate as long as you don't do a Zoolander....

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  9. I wouldn't want my nuts that close to the fuel. Splashing that shit on your balls or into your face hurts big time. Been there, done that filling up speed boats :devil:
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  10. Only got my bike 2 weeks ago so I've only refueled 3 times so far, but each time I've gone I've stopped with the pump on my right. Only while filling up do I realise that it would be just a little bit easier if it was on the left, because that's how it leans on the stand. Of course I could walk all the way around the bike and reach the hose over, but I don't want all the fuel getting all over my nice clean bike because some other idiot has spilled it all over the hose. Next time I'll learn, pump on the left!
  11. Yeah i sit on the bike spill fuel all over a hot exhaust then light up a ciggy all the while i'm talking on me mobile and if i get any lip from the attendant i promptly tell em what its like and flip em off errrr i think i've covered everything:mad::finger:.....(y)
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  12. Do you take your helmet off, but leave your nylon balaclava on ?
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  13. No nylon balaclava- pantyhose , skin color i'm old school when it comes to these matters:sneaky:
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  14. The one I'm finding more and more now they have diesel at pretty much every pump...The I'm doing my thing for the environment diesel drivers that apparently can't fill their tank without doing a Zoolander all over the place we need to pull up and fuel the bike. I mean WTF they have auto shut off on the diesel pump so how do they successfully spill diesel everywhere. Oh and now I've just remembered the other one how the fcuk do they successfully tie the 3 or 4 hoses on the one pump into a bloody great knot requiring 5 minutes of careful untangling to be able to make the hose reach the bike without trying to pull the pump out of the ground.
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  15. How many service stations have you seen on fire recently? I live next door to one, perhaps I should move...
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  16. YES! Particularly when I use premium which, being less used, is the one tied at the very back of the big knot with no spare hose to reach the motorcycle unless you spend the 5 minutes untangling it all.
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  17. All things being equal, what are the actual chances of it erupting in to flames?

    (Note: Generally speaking I don't sit on my bike to refuel - I used to, but that was a different bike without a centre stand).
  18. Take the other nozzles out, and drop them on the ground :)
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  19. I think you will find that petrol is spilled just as frequently as diesel.
    It's just that the extra lubricant in the diesel doesn't evaporate.
  20. I don't sit on my bike when fueling. Sure, I don't get that last little bit of fuel in to fill the tank but it doesn't really bother me.

    My question is, am I the only one who stops pumping but then holds the hose and nozzle up to get whatever is in the hose into the tank? I mean, on a bike, that could mean a few km's worth of fuel.
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