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Sitting in a cage after a month of pure and straight "freedom"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Markus_15, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Perfect Friday morning, sunny , 17deg C, garage door open, had my gear on, just about to put the gloves on and F* off, my wife walks in and drops a bombshell "You and your bike, I am sick of it, you know its been an entire month...blah blah blah...You are taking kids off to school today"...I froze like a penguin....started flapping my arms....WTF woman????

    The small (and brave part) of my brains was telling me, grow the pair and just hop on and go and don't look back, but the BIG part of the brain associated with Wife Fear factor and change in doorlocks in this cold part of the winter was telling me...Listen to your wife dude...its been a month of Love affair....just cop it...

    I guess I lost that battle before I even woke up this morning...women hey ?

    Started riding this CAGE....mate...how do people do it....I felt DIRTY and disgusted...yuuuukkk

    Somehow magically Tina Turner found her way on the radio and things started to ease off a bit , "You simply the best"...the next thing was BRAAAAPPPP next to my drivers side and then I was staring at the back side of some sort of a Jap rocket, by now 100m ahead of me. Nearly started to cry....You lucky bastard.

    Got to work, somehow, with massive dose of depression...I might ask for some Prozac today because I need to get into that CAGE again tonight to get home.

    PS. I guess that's the part of the story. The other problem which is becoming quite challenging is that...well...at first...only 10 out of 12 made it home...in recent weeks I do quick runs and survival numbers seem to be dropping significantly...Now I am lucky to bring back half a dozen out of full dozen EGGS when on my Saturday "chores". Wife not impressed at all :) ....

    I adjusted the preload etc..,.f* that, aint nothing wrong with my preload....Its the shitty weak CAGED UP Chicken EGGS...Stay with the Full blow FREE RANGE FARM eggs mate, strong as it should be :) hehehe

    Enjoy your Friday and the weekend ahead NRs
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  2. I feel your pain. I had to drive through peak hour traffic the other day and couldn't believe I hadn't started ridinguch sooner. I honestly don't know how or why anyone would want to do that every day.
  3. I went to start my car the other day, hadn't used it in a month or so.. yep flat battery... and that's how it shall remain.. :)
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  4. At least you haven't had to take a tram or something, Markus_15Markus_15. Just sayin. ;)
  5. Far out mate, that would be the end of it. It would feel like, below...
    Motorcycle Riders and their jackets (for protection of course)…how it should be
    puc 1.

    Motorcycle rider caged up on a Vic TRAM or Public Transport…and his jacket (for protection of course)
    pic 2.
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  6. Man, get your wife into riding, there will be no questions about the Cage and no space for one in your garage! Thanks for a good Friday funny, needed a laugh. I hope you get your freedom back soon (y)
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  7. My only alternative to riding is walking lol.

    no car no problems
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  8. Just get some good ear plugs then you won't have to listen to her...

    I point to my ears and say 'cant hear you'

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  9. Just did a work trip and had to drive a cage from Adelaide to Berri and back, 500kms of bike loving roads, weather was ok, I was sick as a dog in the cage........

    Get back to Sydney and the sun is out and it's perfect for a ride home from the airport

    Except I bloody drove there.......
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  10. That's a classic story, keep em coming!
  11. agree with miss fr33dom....get the lady of the house a bike etc...
    trouble with me is because of my work I have to take the cage...don't mind in the winter (too early in the morning and frosts) but summer its like....aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhh
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  12. Same here, have to drive to work, plus occasionally have to drive during the working day, which makes swapping skirt and heels to riding gear a bit of a pain! But weekends and occasional "mental health" day here and there are spent on my bike. I started neglecting shooting range, riding definitely takes over your life!
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  13. I do get to ride to work 3 times a week but it's only 11 kms..

    weekends I get 2 Hours of 'me time' on the bike :)

    Can't complain...

    Incase the missus read this :)

    Love u darling :)
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  14. And then there's long-haul plane trips... :hungover:
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  15. I knew I needed help when I lined up my Outlander to filter through the gap to the front of the traffic. Remembered just in time!
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  16. #16 Rus Ler, Sep 6, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2015
    @ Markus_15, all I can say is your the man of the house, go up to your wife's bedside table, get your goolies out of the jar, and do what you want (sound of whip cracking) I ride to work everyday with out fail, I have a 100 mt commute (house to the dairy) rain, hail or shine, now your psyced up go and show her who's boss - as if we didn't know already :)
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  17. I became semi-retired about a year ago. I bought a new house about 6 months prior, renovated the upper level. Thought I would get plenty of time in the saddle. I used to ride to work every day, now my bike gets rolled out of the garage about once a month. Its fcuked. Wife does not stop me, but I am so desperate to get this house finished off that I just never have the time. I go out to by materials in the ute, as I sit in traffic I am so jealous of all the bikes riding past. Now I understand why full time cagers get pissed of with motorcyclists, its pure envy.

    Anyway, I have locked in a trip to Perth (from Brisbane) in October. Its on, there is no backing out now. 6 weeks on the road... I am so excited I am like a little child on christmas eve!!

    Riding is a solid part of maintaining mental health for me as well. I suspect most of us here are in the same boat.
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  18. Taking that point of view I must have been in the loony bin for 24 years, family,farm, big mortgages = no bike :-( , now I'm back in the saddle I'm happy as a lark
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