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Site Hosting Pics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. I am sure this has been asked in the past. But what are the resrictions why we cannot upload pics to this site. Just call me lazy but I can't be bothered joining another friggin site to view pics on Yahoo or whatever. I know it takes up the sites storage, but what is the restriction in that. Like how can this be over come, just asking. Thought it would help to stream line the ship more thats all.


  2. We are currently talking to an internet provider with a view of getting more server space. We currently have 150MB and we are running at around 135-140MB. Sometimes when we slip and and miss it, it goes over the 150MB and the forums fall over.

    We will keep you posted.
  3. Thanks Vic

  4. Hey Vic,

    The guys on the Kwaka forum had this problem all the time and got the server space upgraded. Because funds were tight they were even prepared to all chip in for the price increase (I don't know if that actually happened), it was for their benefit after all.

  5. Orlando, correct mate
    we had a BBQ...donation was cupla gold coins towards our 'hosting' costs
    and the pile of us who turned at PI for MotoGp also donated a few $ each
    We ended up with enuff $ to cover the extra space for 2 years I believe
    (was 300mb now 12gb I believe but I ain't no tech guru )
    why not charge those joining another $2 for the space.....


  6. Why dont we have another donation blitz . Im sure none of us would miss a couple of dollars , then im sure netrider might allow pics on the site. As long as there r none of vic on his scooter.
  7. How about offering an upgraded type of account on the netrider forum, you pay $10-$20 for the year and that gives you the capability to upload pics and extra PM storage?

    But most importantly taking up the account would be volutary while everyone is still able to post like now.
  8. I'd be more then happy to donate a few bucks a year towards hosting costs...
  9. Vic's on it just give him some time and we will know whats going on.

  10. As a "post whore" I'd be happy to pay on a user pays system!
  11. he he he ;). i'm reminded of an old BOFH excerpt--

    "I need more space" he says

    "Well, why not move to Texas?" I ask