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[Site] A Long Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dan, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Some spectacular photos of a guys trip around the US on a sports-tourer.

    Worth a look if you appreciate good motorcycle photography.


  2. Man that's awesome. Thanks a bunch for the link!

    I bow down to this guy's photography skills, but even more to his ability to come across a panoramic set of twisties (like this one) and stop his bike for a photo.

    Dunno how many times I saw staggering views in Tassie but just couldn't bring myself to roll off the throttle... "Bugger me, that'd make a great pho... WOOO! 40k rated corner!"
  3. Nice one Dan!!

    Very easy to drift off into lala land while sat at my desk at work. What I wouldn't give to take off on a trip like that.

    Check out www.killboy.com aswell, some nice shots on there too. Are there any sites in oz that post regular pics of bike out on the road???


  4. :LOL: I know exactly what you mean...

    Chief Wiggum: "Pull Over!"
    Homer: "Theres No Good Place!"
  5. I am so in awe right now. I want to ride these roads.
  6. For those interested on how this guy gets every shot to be a postcard, he's using a Canon Powershot s500. (little itty bitty digital)

    I've posted a comment to ask if he retouches them, don't think you can fit filters etc to a point and shot pocket digital.