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Sissy bars

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. What sort of sissy bar do you like ,the tall ones or the short.
    Not 100% sure what i like ,so what you you have.?

    Cheers and beers
    Sled. :)

  2. err... none
  3. I don't have one but prefer the short ones.
  4. Hey sled,

    I dont particularly like the look of sissy bars, but i do have a mid size detachable one that i use on the harley.....its defenately good to have when you are pillioning as its a bit more comfortable for the passenger, plus i find its a confidence thing when you have new nervous chicks....umm i mean pillions on the back. They seem to feel safer having the pad behind them, and definately relax more and dont fight you round the corners as much. The only other times i use it is if im doing an overnighter and i can strap bags to it quite easily. Overall money well spent IMO, but i wouldnt bother with those piddly little ones....not really much use i believe. But definately try and get a quickly detachable one if you can.

    Kris :cool:
  5. That's why I have a Gearsack rack for when the Pillion in a Million is on - not as classy as a sissy-bar though :wink:
  6. The short ones do an OK job, and look much better, but for any sort of extended trip something padding the lower back will be much more comfortable for the pillion on a longer trip.

    I'd go a detachable longer one, check out prices here then overseas, am sure you'll save a few bucks, especially if you also buy a few other things as well.

    Let us know how it all goes Sled
  7. I thought this one looked OK, and worked fine for a quick cruise across town.


    I had a sissy bar bag made up for the small bar, it was perfect for a couple of nights away.

  8. I've got the standard short ones on the america, with a small luggage rack carries enough for a couplr of days , and the Mr's feels safe, she don't feel likes she's gonna slide off

    Pic Here(not mine)

  9. Hey Sled. I must admit I wasn't really into sissy bars but when I first got my bike it just didn't seem right. The back end just didn't seem to flow and the pillion seat looked like a big blob on the back, as shown here.


    So I spoke with the dealer and they set me up with a guy here in Newcastle who made my sissy bar, backrest and luggage rack. I went for the bigger pad as I wanted its security for when I had my kids on the back, and the comfort factor for the wife. I think it makes the back end look better and "fattens" it out a bit. I have the manufacturers contact details if you want them. He's a little cheaper than OEM and builds for all cruisers. Here's my finished product.