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Sissy bar for a 2011 Yamaha V-star 650 custom

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Vinceblack, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys
    I am in search of a sissy for a v-star 650 custom, 2011 model. Been looking at dealers but they are so expensive. Does anyone know a place in Melbourne that sells the complete set up for a reasonable price? Had a look at US sites and they are cheap but dont know if I have to purchase additional parts and if it fits my bike. Buying in Melbourne is safer that way you know and see what your paying for.

  2. $100-00 and I will make you one,
    I made the ventura type packracks for both my Bird and Heathers 250 Hyosung cruiser,
    As per my Avatar,
  3. Man, wish a lived in Vic, Id commision you for a rack on my blade
  4. Deadman....Did you say $100?? IS that fitted?
  5. I know there's sissy bars for my XV 535 in ebay for about $130 posted, from Hong Kong.

    Search "sissy bar" and "650" and you should find the same.

    Though personally I'd go with Deadman's offer: more fun, and more custom. (Just don't let him offer to show you his grazes - the pants will come down!)
  6. Yep, You will have to bring the bike up here, so I can make it fit, and make sure its right,
  7. Thats sounds great.Where abouts are you situated and when can I bring the bike up? Can you show me some pics of the style of sissy bars you have?
  8. I am not a manufacturer, per sae, its a custom one made for you, it will be what ever you want, Your design,
    9736 1559

    And it will take a few hours to make,
  9. Deadman, do you have some pics of some you have made you could show please? I think you could have just gotten another customer if you want?
  10. I dont have piccys,
    I make what you want, One off, I am not a mass producer,
    It comes painted not chromed,
    Ones My avatar, Pack rack thats done 52,000 kays.
    Heathers done 6,000 kays with hers, 250 Hyosung cruiser.Pack rack,
    Draw piccy of what you want and I will make that,
  11. Hey deadman, id be keen for one of the same mTe, the missus needs a backrest haha. When might I come pay you a visit brother? Beers may also come with that hundred :D
    If you still do this?
  12. Hey Vinny,

    Check out xxx.cruisercustomizing.com/sissy-bars-luggage-racks (omitted the www as I dont know if Im allowed to link) Put in that you have an XVS650 custom and go shopping. Prices are very competitive even after you included shipping.

    I have brought multiple accessories from them and I am going back for more once the wallet says I can :)

    I had an OEM Yamaha sissy bar and rack fitted as part of the deal when I brought my 'girl new.
  13. I got the high Yamaha sissy bar for my Classic from this guy v8ssuk@frontier.com
    His name is Bill and it cost $160 delivered. It looks exactly like the Yamaha one and it came with Yamaha instructions. It fit perfectly and I'm very happy with it.
  14. I ebayed mine from usa business is
    Calvary custom cost about 180 us
    And im happy
  15. Ended up finding a fairly cheap one on ebay yet still made of ''triple dipped'' chrome. Quite the laugh. Meh, it does the trick for $150 delivered. Cheers for the input folks.
  16. Wulfgar, did you have to move the indicator lights to fit your sissy bar....its seems most of the cheaper ones come with the warning about having to move them?
  17. Heya Fox, no i didn't have to move the indicator mate, the brackets fit first off, i checked that originally prior to purchase. :D

    In an update to the cheapness of this sissy bar though it is rusting so, so much for their triple dipped crap haha. You get what you pay for i suppose hey.
  18. Most sissy bar mounts come with original or nearby locations for indicators. The issue comes when mounting panniers or saddlebags then you may have to relocate signals like I have below :
  19. I had a used good condition one for $50.....sold it now though, but just look around in fleabay, its a pretty common item.