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Sis motorcycles.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by wisc, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. OK was going to PM this but as the post i was reading was was such an old topic but can't apparently cause I'm a new member,

    cant even post a URL to net rider now apparently!

    i was going to take my bike to Sis as he was recommend by one of the bike dealers in Melbourne CBD, I was trying to find a bit of information about him but there isn't much to read after googling him, has anyone had experience with him troubleshooting your bike?

    my bike (zx9r) has just had a rebuild now its not running right (breaking down after 6k RPM or full throttle, yes I've checked the RAM Air and mixture screws are two turns out.), I've already taken it to one mechanic who suggested it may be electrical which he doesn't do.
    Now 200 dollars worse off and none the wiser, i just want the problem fixed and for it not to cost the earth as I've now spent about 2.3k on the thing! (full gearbox rebuild, bores honed, new rings)
  2. Why don't you take it to the place that did the rebuild and demand they uncock their damage?
  3. Maybe he did it himself? :wink:
  4. S Jay Motorcycles in Tullamarine. The guy is a phenomenal mechanic.

    9a Carrick Dr Tullamarine 03 9338 2523
  5. ok, cool, now stop telling everyone until I've gotten my bike fixed, its already booked out! lol

    yeah got my mate to fix the gear box, while he had it open did the boars and checked out the rest... but i trust him more than most mechanics.

    so i think its possibly something that either as a side effect, like the carbs being out of sync, or from being on the bench for four months in parts.