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Sis from S Jay Motorcycles.. What a Gun.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by cheky, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Just picked my bike up fro S jay Motorcycles and what a fantastic job. he replaced the custom mesh Evolution yamaha butchered, done a remap and valve clearances. The thing is riding like a dream. As smooth as a babies behind. This guy is highly recommended and yet cheap as chips. At these prices he gives you would think this guy would go out of business.

  2. +1 was that your black TLR that has been sitting with him for quite a wile? if it is its a nice bit of kit
  3. That one is still there i think. I had the silver one with the air brushing. was there for about 2 weeks as he had a lot of fixing up to do from those clowns that call themselves mechanics at Evolution yamaha.
  4. Anyone used these guys lately? They're pretty close to me so wouldn't mind giving them a go.
  5. I bring my bike there all the time and he is still a great mechanic.. Now he also has a dyno there as well which may be of benefit.
  6. Where's he located
  7. S Jay Motorcycles
    Fcty5/ 41 Allied Drv
    VIC , 3043

    Contact Details

    Phone: (03) 9338 2523
  8. His Address is 9A Carrick Drive tullamarine. 9338 2523. Tell him tom with the TLR1000 sent you.
  9. Which address is right?
  10. The phone number seems to be the common denominator.
  11. he's located at the carrick dve address just near 7/11
  12. Carrick drive it is. Can't miss it. Turn in from where 711 is and it's a little past melrose reception on the left.
  13. thats the one mate.
  14. +1 to S Jay

    Just got my 12000km major service done there. This included a full major service (valve clearances), installation of a full exhaust system and attempting to install a rear hugger which didn't line up properly so didn't put it on and got charged as much as I did for only a minor service done at a bigger shop at the start of the year.

    He recommended to get an aftermarket air filter in the future to get the most out of the bike/pipe but said his contacts didn't make one for my bike so I will source that myself.

    Also gave me a free exhaust plug for when washing the bike so water doesn't get in there.