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Sir Stirling Moss seriously injured in lift well fall.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Legendary British racing driver, Sir Stirling Moss, was seriously injured in a fall in his apartment yesterday. Apparently a lift door opened incorrectly and Moss stepped in, thinking he was stepping into the lift. He fell 3 stories to the floor of the lift well and was taken to hospital with multiple serious injuries.

    Full story here.

    Moss, regarded by many as the greatest driver never to win a Formula One crown, competed against the greatest drivers of his era including the peerless Juan Manuel Fangio and beat them all.

    His career came to a sudden end in a violent accident at Goodwood in 1962. Moss returned to driving but said that he found that the things that he used to do instinctively in the cockpit he now had to think about and he couldn't bear to race knowing that he could be driving better, so he retired.

    Years later he was persuaded back into doing some "celebrity" drives at classic car events and found that the reflexes had returned. It was, however, too late for him as a competitive driver, but he remains in high demand as a guest, a speaker and a commentator on all things motor sports related.

    I'm sure that all motor sports fans of all persuasions will be wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.

    Oh, and, please, even though you may THINK them, no "Rolling Moss gathers no Stirling" jokes, please.
  2. Doubt we will be seeing him at Albert Park for his annual visit.

    Get well soon Sir Stirling, your wit and knowledge will be missed this year.
  3. What amazes me most is that he survived at all; after all he IS 80 years old.
  4. I thought the same. I hope he recovers.
  5. He seems to be pretty fit for his age although this will knock him about a fair bit.
  6. [​IMG]
    Wanted for questioning.
  7. Current news is that he is mentally well, has broken his ankles and injured his spine but is expected to recover in six weeks. He is a tough bugger. :)
  8. Hes very lucky! That happens more than we realise. Last time I was in NYC a janitor died in the same circumstances. In the older Hotels they even have a sign in the hall that says " check the elevator before stepping inside" !! Needless to say I was slightly paranoid after that!
  9. That's crazy. I'll never look at a lift in the same way again.
  10. Has anyone here had a chance to experience the lifts in the Mechanical Engineering building at UNSW?