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SiR.B's second accident....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sir_b, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Yep, another one...

    Went around the Bell St -> St Georges Rd sliplane and was happily cruising in my own lane (which had ~150 metres before it was going to merge) when the guy a little ahead of me in the middle lane decided "oh, that's the driveway I have to go into" and made a left turn through my lane.

    I had nowhere to go other than to my brakes, did a nice job of emergency braking and hit his rear 1/4 at somewhere between 5 and 10kph. His 1/4 is a bit of a mess, scratched and dented, but my bike seems to be almost untouched. My mirror hit but that just moved back in to place, my fairing took his paint rather than the other way around, slight chip on one of the angley bits on my fairing (2 minutes and a can of touch up paint), indicator has a couple of extra scratches but that seems to be the total of it, I didn't drop the bike (narrowly...).

    Driver was quite shaken up and felt that I tried to cut up his inside, but my witness (thanks Doug) in a work van (though said he was a rider) set him straight about what happened and he accepted fault. Was even nice enough to ask if I was ok.

    This was a lucky one and the cbr's great front stoppers are the only reason I didn't go flying.

  2. Glad your alright.. bit of a worry those ones that cut a heap of lanes without even looking to get to that missed exit or driveway in your case.

  3. sounds like you had your wit's about you, great too hear.... sounds like either nil or min. damage to the bike and hopefully you got of with no injuries as well....
  4. Sheesh mate well done to come out of this one roses.
  5. yikes!!! sounds like a close one & glad you're ok!

    good thing you have a witness - i guess it's human nature for a cage driver to automatically assume a bike rider was doing something illegal if they didn't see them.

    and good news the bike came off alright too.
  6. yikes indeed. At least this is a 'bad news' thread that's mostly good news; great to hear that you and your steed are ok....
  7. Well done mate and dont worry about the driver they will always blame us
  8. Best accident I have heard of lately.... These are the best ones to have!

    Glad your ok champ.
  9. Well done! glad to see a rider came out better off for once.

  10. I like the way the driver automatically blamed you and not his manouvre of last minute lane changing to enter some driveway.

    Good to hear you came out of it unscathed.
  11. Good to hear you're ok justin, you must be a cage magnet or something because they keep wanting to get closer and closer to you :LOL:
  12. Sorry to hear that jus... no popped fork seals or anything?? maybe the practice made you get good at dropping it!
  13. I don't mind reading this sort of incident report.

    Glad all is AOK :)
  14. Thanks all. Fork seals should be fine Es, I turned with the car so it was a glancing blow, I didn't get flung forward or anything and I don't think the front wheel even touched him, just the fairing and mirror (and maybe handlebar, though I'm not 100% sure of that one).

    Everyone at work has been going on about how unlucky I am, whereas I think I'm bloody lucky, 2 motorbike accidents, only a sore ankle from the first and absolutely no physical damage from the second, that's about as lucky as it gets!

  15. Good to hear you're ok and you avoided the cage's error. Stay safe people.