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Singles sites

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by katcando, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. What do you think of singles sites? Are they good or are they just a meat market?

  2. I have seen some really good singles sites, also V-Twin sites, straight 4 sites, and even the odd parallel twin site, but I can't recall any promoting the sale of meat......except maybe a few Harley sites, (but I reckon they were nice girls really).... :)
  3. kat...there's nothing wrong with a bit o meat.

    ive neva done it but would expect a meat market for sure. they take the CLASS out of the courtship process.
  4. A friend of a friend married his GF last year. They found each other through RSVP.

    Very happy and very in love AFAIK.

    Slightly embarassing "How did you meet?" story though :grin:
  5. In english please?
  6. Im gonna sign up for a few again.. havent tried it in a year or 2.

    But in past experince
    All the good ones get snapped up fast and im left with the scraps :evil:

    But i guess that goes for anywhere really
  7. Yeah so 'oh we met stumbling across a dancefloor at a nightclub when pished' is better huh :LOL:

    Try singles sites for sure, I found them a waste of time/$ overall but also had some fun dates out of it too. Just nothing came of it - bit like getting a job, the older ways often work better :)

    And if you are really wanting something different... :shock:
  8. hang on...
    single: yes
    browsing netrider: yes

    NETRIDER IS A SINGLES SITE!!!! :LOL: os on that premise:

    How You Doonin? :wink:
  9. :WStupid:
    Pissed myself. Love the country selector. :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Hmmmfffffffff Know that feeling!

    Depends what you want where you sign up. Some are meat markets, some are more lets have a relationship.
  11. Yeah there's nothing like hanging around in a night club, listening to doof, doof, waiting for the women to get pissed enough to go home with you, to play the beast with two backs.
  12. weddings. :grin:
  13. I was on RSVP for a while along with my then housemate.

    She met some ok guys, some a bit ...silly, some were pretty good. She's been with her boyfriend for 6 or 7 months now, also from RSVP but according to friends and family they met at the pub :p

    I only met one guy, who came to the house (we had people over every friday night for drinks and some pool) cuz I figured with a whole heap of my friends there if something went 'wrong' they were all there.

    Turns out he decided that the invitation included getting pissed and staying the night....in my bed. My housemate ended up kicking him out, and being pissed he had to call a taxi and mate. Spent half an hour on the phone to his mate screaming in our court about how much of a biatch I was. Fun.

    After that I removed myself from it :p Not long after Sverre and I got back together so there was no further need. And now I have Booga as fall back guy in case something goes wrong again :LOL:
  14. a good friend of mine tried yahoo. she's been married for a cple of yrs now with a child. very happy.

    ex girl's bro did the yahoo thing and now he's engaged.

    ex girl played with yahoo and, according to her, she was paired up with her bro below. :shock: so she gave up. :LOL:

    ex girl's other brother, funnly enough, walked into the local hardware store and found his "love" working in the paint section. she is now in gardening:)

    my bro ,who lives in japan, apparently found his current soon to be fiance online. they seem to be a good pair.

    good luck! internet dating can be a real mindf@#k sometimes.
  15. Think i've been warned against situations like this (and girls like you :p )... now if i can only remember who warned me not to be "the fall back guy"... :LOL:

    Anyway, I've been on a few sites in my time, RSVP, RHP, Lavalife, Find Someone, (probably some more)... I used to be all secretive about it, cos i thought it wasn't normal, and I was socially disabled (more than some of you think too :p )...
    But the amount of people that I know that are on there was more than i thought, and really, theres already one thing in common, we use a PC/Mac... But down at the pub, I loose myself for words... Yes, I have shyness issues with talking in general, but esp to an attractive member of the opposite sex :oops:

    Through the various sites, I've only met a couple of people, and nothing came from them, but I also noticed either fake profiles or rude people that wont even say a thanks but no thanks...

    Funny story is that I met my most recent girl at the pub, but we were also both on RSVP too... But she came onto me, thats why anything had started (as i was too shy again)... ( :LOL: funny night)...

    So girls... If a guy doesn't talk to you at the pub (or elsewhere), he may just be a little shy, other than not like you (i know this works vise-versa too)... :)
  16. Lol there are others.....

    And there is nothing wrong with being the "back-up" guy...... :p
  17. Depending on what you are after of course... If I'm not someones first choice, why should i have to wait for them to be finished what they are doing (unless that is breaking up with someone)...
    But of course there are exceptions to every rule :?

    If you snooze you loose (I should know :( )... so, speak your heart or forever hold your peace ;)