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Single strut front suspension - is Een off his chops?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Blokes and sheilas all,

    I'm here with Een from Suade who is swearing to me that in this fine town's CBD recently he saw a motorcycle with a single-sided front suspension - one fork, if you will, although it doesn't fork unless there's two, does it?

    I think he may be full of baloney, what say you all? Have you seen such a contraption? And does anyone know where I might peruse an example? If I should track one down I'd feel duty-bound to cover it in Gizmag.

    Here is one such animal from Austria to get you thinking:



  2. Wow, that looks weird :shock:
  3. under OT Stumpy asked about single strut fronts on Pushies, some people had info on Motos with singles... Might to go look there for who had teh inside info.
  4. Does it have to be S/S "forks" or do hub-centre setups count?

    Wish I hadn't given away my Back Street Heroes collection when I migrated or I'd scan you a photo of "The Fly", a K100 based creation with a (probably not very successful) single sider fabricated from steel sheet and small dia tube.
  5. Isn't the BMW bike that uses the paralever front steering a single sided mount?
  6. Nope.

    Mine isn't anyway.
  7. Cool, no probs, just thought that I'd seen something from BMW, obviously mistaken
  8. I found this on the first page of a google image search! Maybe not it, but i have seen a BMW around my area with single sided front end.

    And then I found this also,
  9. Don't know about motorsicles but Cannondale have been doign this for years on downhill bikes.

  10. Yeah I'd only seen the single fork mountain bike before, nothing with a motor in it.
  11. i was gonna chime in about the cannondales...good bikes. but the moto looks shit cause it has that extra green strut bit