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Single Seat Rego

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vladpp, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Is there such a thing? Is it in Victoria?

  2. as far as i know only qld has solo seat registrations for bikes
  3. No, not that I'm aware of
  4. Im sure the rego on the GPX says Solo.. and i know for sure a mates SRX has solo on his... both VIC
  5. When I picked up the Tuono, I know the dealer ticked single seat.

    Didn't know that existed considering it was sold without the pillion seat on, but I was given the pillion seat.
  6. Most if not all states have single seat rego for bikes as far as im aware (if there are no pillion pegs and or seat they will not rego it as a dual seater). Just as you can convert a 5 seater car to a 2 seater etc depending on seaating and seat belts but i digress :LOL:

    My DRZ-SM has single seat TAS rego and when i bought it from melbourne the VIC rego was single seater aswell :wink:
  7. My rego says: KTM Solo ... unfortunately it doesnt seem to minimise the TAC CTP Insurance coponent - seeing as its one less person at risk. - Or does it? $515 pa

    Not sure about now but years ago Utes and PV's where cheaper to Register - I thought becuase the occupant number was less, thus less insurance risk in the event of an accident.
  8. no such thing on my rego
    the application or blue slip

    what difference does it make

    usualy the single seat bikes are the faster racing types, so rego shouldnt be any cheaper if its due to crash risk
  9. mine says (did say) solo. even though it has a permanent pillion seat and pillion pegs.

    i dont think that necessarily means that it can only be ridden solo...someone should really look up vicroads or something...wouldnt stop me taking a passenger
  10. usually ... which bikes?
  11. I was curious from a cost and effort point of view. As in, is it worth the cost and effort to rip my rear seat and pillion pegs and make a seat cowl.
  12. Because every bike I have seen (admittedly not as many as some of you) are all singles, I have started to think that the 2 seaters refer to sidecars etc.