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Single Seat Rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nodz, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Can someone clarify what single seat registration is for bikes.
    Is it:
    i) that the bike must have only one seat in order to register or
    ii) with two seats you are then licenced for one rider only (no passengers)
    Is it:
    iii) available in Victoria
    iv) cost effective (how much does it cost?)
    If you single seat register
    v) Can the bike be re-register as a two seater if question ii) above applies
    vi) What's required to convert it back to two seater reg (again if question ii) applies)

  2. great question - I got hit for extra $200 for the '84 SR250 rego because it had room for a pillion. If I put anything more than a backpack on the rear end of this thing it won't leave the driveway.

    anyway as far as i can tell, they are trying to give discounts to scooter riders, not big bikes that hold just one person.
  3. Not sure about VIC but in QLD the difference in cost is only in the CTP insurance. And it is recommended that if you go for single seat rego that you remove the pillon foot rests and put a seat crowl on if possible. I believe this only to be for if you are pulled over and the police dont like you very much. Apart from that you can change from single back to dual seat rego, not sure if you can do it part way through the rego term though. But yeah i have a zx2r that is single seat rego and all i have done is removed the pillon foot pegs (haven't been pulled over though so)
  4. it's not available in vic, a bike is either registered or it's not, afaik...

    as for single seat in QLD, you MUST remove your pillion pegs, and your pillion seat must either be removed, or covered in such a way that you cant put a person on it...

    my old man modified his GS500 to be single seat rego by removing the pillion pegs, and putting a rack on backwards so the bit that usually juts out the back of the bike covered the pillion seat instead

    YES you can change a bike back to dual seat rego, assuming you havent done anything permanent to it like chopping half your seat off, no i'm not sure when or how you can go about doing it, i guess you just ring queensland transport and tell them, and they'll charge you appropriately...
  5. Questions i, iii and iv:
    I have 2 seats on my bike (though one usually covered with a cowl). I know that my registration on my bike is 'solo' (don't know what the other options are for bikes). My registration (paid last week) cost $477.60.

    As for ii: Don't know if it means I am not supposed to take pillions (never checked it out - too bad ignorance of the law is not a valid defence. Although, if the wording of law is unclear...). I do though. I am much more 'sensible' with a pillion though, and the chances of being pulled over are less with a pillion than myself (or so I like to beleive).
  6. Thanks for all your replies. Bummer it's not a Victorian thing. All L and P (restriction) platers should be able to register as a single seater as they can't carry pillions anyway. Perhaps time to lobby my local government. Who do we know thats a motorcycle rider in parliament...:idea:
  7. But what relevance/impact with regard to registration does not being able to carry a curb monkey?
  8. Essentially in QLD means the TAC (CTP) insurance cheaper. Who wouldn't want $100 off, or whatever, for not being able to carry a passenger, when we can't anyway?
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