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QLD Single seat rego cb500x?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MrMerkin, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Hi all.
    New to riding...have a CB500x that I am enjoying. It was registered as dual seat from dealer...6 month renewal has come up and I want to go single seat. I will not be taking a pillion for the foreseeable future so wanting to save some $. Problem is they don't make single seat conversion for the 500x - the seat is one piece and I don't want to stuff with it as I think it would be more hassle (and dangerous) than it is worth. I can remove the back pegs and grab handles but the seat does not comply with the seat length. I know it is self-assessable so no one looks at the bike - will the police care and if I get pinged what is the fine? Sorry if this has been covered before...I did a search which mentioned this bike and single seat but there did not appear to be a definitive response. Thanks heaps. :)


  2. I have the same seat issue. I was tempted to just try it and see but am too chicken :grumpy:

    I may be forced into action though as my seat needs refashioning anyway
  3. I have had 3 maxi-scooters over that last few years and registered them all as single seaters without modifiying the seat. I don't think you will ever get into trouble as long as you don't ever carry a pillion. I have been stopped a few times for routine matters, not a problem ever. With the number plate recognition cameras the cops know immediately all relevant rego details. It is a considerable saving on the CTP insurance premium.
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    Cheers :)

    That's my problem - at heart I don't want to get into trouble for doing the wrong thing but then it is over $200 savings. My mate has a gpx250 with the one piece seat and when he registered it the lady at the TMR asked if he wanted single seat - he said yes and signed the form.

    Cheers - I might give it a try and see how my conscience copes with it all.

    So...would anyone know what the fine would be if someone did decide to make it an issue?
  5. take off the pillion pegs, leave the grabs on and put a tail bag on the pillion seat ...
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  6. As far as I have been told by my senior police family member, as long as you don't carry a pillion while registered single seat, you don't have to change your seat or tag pegs off etc. Just don't carry a pillion.
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    While it's great that a member of your family who happens to be a cop has told you this, that's not how the legislation that covers single seat rego reads.

    According to the law, the seat can't be over 500mm long. While most coppers might turn a blind eye , you only need to come across one who is having a bad day or is particularly motivated to be promoted or noticed, who then decides to enforce the law to the letter and you have no leg to stand on.
    Do what you want to do, but just beware of the possible consequences.
  8. Respectfully, your family member does not know what he or she is talking about. You may refer to the following link to confirm the same.

    Link: Section LL Motorcycles and Three Wheeled Vehicles

    (a) Seat must be shorter than 500mm long,
    (b) Passenger pillion pegs need to be removed, &
    (c) There must be no sharp edges, damage to the frame, or damage to the trailing arms.

  9. Sorry, typo on my tablet.
    Edited post now.
  10. Wow, sorry guys. I stand corrected. I should have looked myself. Thanks! :blackeye:
  11. No need to apologize mate. It's just that heading to court to defend yourself after being booked for this offence with the defence of "some bloke on the internet whose got a relative who a cop said I'd be ok" doesn't really stand up in court.
  12. Well, it's high time it should ;)
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