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QLD Single seat registration

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dnguy91, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm a new rider on the road and have just purchased a vtr250. I heard that there was a change in the laws regarding single seat conversions where mod plates and inspections aren't required. I have seen a few vtr250's at dealerships and realised that a lot of them were single seat converted and no modification was done to the seat (from what I saw) with the foam still intact. Only mod that I saw was the removal of the pegs. I've searched around and wasn't able to get an answer to my question but what is required for a vtr250 to be single seat converted since it is a sone piece seat, not one that can have its cowl replaced? Any help will be great.

  2. That's correct. You have to simply remove the pillion seat or the foot pegs, then inform main roads that it's now a single seat motorcycle. No compliance necessary.
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    The link is for the form you need to fill out and present to the dept of Transport to convert your bike from dual to single seat. Refer to the bottom of page one and start of page two. It's a pretty generic form. You no longer need an inspection.

    The bike needs to have a seat less than 500mm long and have the pillion pegs removed. I will bet my left testis that your standard seat exceeds that length so you need to cover it with some kind of aftermarket cowl or modify the seat to be within the letter of the law.
    You could just remove the pegs, but you could have some explaining to do if you get pulled over by a cop having a bad day.

    Check the last post in this thread for seat cowl info.

    vtr250 modify to a one seater? | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community

    If you Google vtr 250 single seat cowl I'm sure something will come up too.
  4. This doesn't happen in Mexico. I'm wondering why bikes are subject to this sort of scrutiny when cars are not, but a rhetorical question really, probably just a way to extract more fees out of motorcyclists.
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  5. At least in Victoria, mandatory TAC (road trauma insurance) is partly calculated on how many occupants the vehicle can seat. Cars + buses normally calculate this by how many seatbelts are in the car and ultimately are licenced to carry..

    Technically it's just another charge stacked ontop of another tax followed up by an additional 'motorcycle safety levy'..Yay for living in country where motorcyclists are seen as drug smuggling gangsters or brainless hoons.
  6. I am trying to decide which one I will be, if that's our choice ;)
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  7. LOL!!!
  8. I want to be both!
  9. Not sure I follow your train of thought on single seat rego, the scrutiny comment, etc.

    Single seat rego is a way for QLD riders to lessen the cost of registration/ctp if you don't intend to carry a pillion. The saving is a couple of hundred dollars a year but you have to comply by removing your pillion pegs and rear seat if you want to take advantage of this.

    You're right though. In Vic you don't get the choice. You just get shafted and pay the full price of rego regardless of whether you intend to carry a pillion or not.
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  10. How do you know they were single seat conversion - did it show it on rego label? Lack of rear pegs does not necessarily mean such, and if these are being sold by traders, then technically unroadworthy if not complying to seat requirements.

    Not correct. You need to also change the seat. No compliance plate required is correct.

    The following are specific requirements that need to be followed for seat conversions. All work must also comply with the general guidelines contained in sub-section 2 General Requirements.
    For a two seater motor cycle to be converted to a single seater, it is necessary to shorten the seat and remove the pillion foot pegs/mounting brackets. For a motor cycle to be classified as a single seater, it is necessary for the motor cycle to be fitted with only: • one seat which has a length less than 500mm; and • one pair of foot pegs and mountings.
    5.1.1 Reduction in Seat Length Only the upholstered section of the seat needs to be shortened. The maximum length of the upholstered section of the seat is 500mm. The shortened seat must have no sharp edges or protrusions. Any equipment or fittings exposed by the seat modifications must be protected if they are likely to cause injury to any person.
    5.1.2 Removal of Foot Pegs and Mounting Brackets The foot pegs must be removed. There must be no sharp edges, damage to the frame, or damage to the trailing arms. These modifications must not incorporate oxy-cutting or application of heat.

    Taken from:
    Light vehicle modifications (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

    Have seen somewhere where they do say that cowls will not be accepted, but can't find straight away. As CraigACraigA suggests, penalty may depend on current mood of police if you decide to go down the path of not shortening the seat. Could get away with it - yes. Worth it - up to you.

    Savings in registration cost is solely on the CTP portion, so do not risk taking pillion on single seat rego in case an accident does occur - you will not be covered for any damage and your bike insurance may also be void.
  11. "Savings in registration cost is solely on the CTP portion, so do not risk taking pillion on single seat rego in case an accident does occur - you will not be covered for any damage and your bike insurance may also be void."

    Exactly this! (y)
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    I see the changes were just to self certifying and that document is still correct.

  13. I realise that is dated 2011, but this is the one still displayed on TMR. As far as I am aware the modifications required still stand, but the need for compliance and associated plate has been removed. Just need to complete and submit form supplied by CraigACraigA. Have heard different reports of whether the bike is inspected or not. TMR will refund the balance of unused CTP on existing rego so best not to try and change it while paying for next round of rego.
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    I have converted bikes to single seat rego both prior to and after the latest round of changes. As it currently stands, all you do is fill that form out and hand it in.
    No inspection was required at my local Dept of Transport, as you are basically self certifying that the appropriate mods have been done.
    Just line up and hand the form over when your number is called. No cash required. They send you a cheque in the mail to refund any CTP owing.

    This of course means that the onus is on you if you are pulled up and the bike doesn't comply!

    It's also very easy to go from single seat back to dual seat if your circumstances change. Re-instate seat and pegs, fill out the same form and hand it in. Of course you will be issued a bill to cover the increase in CTP.
  15. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. So I just need to rip out the foam just enough so that it is within spec of max 500mm seating area? Then remove the pegs?

    The bike I have is a lams bike and most lams riders, if not all, cannot ride with a pillion. So I'm not too fazed on the resale of it after I perform the mods.
  16. You shouldn't be fazed as long as you do it neat. It is actually a selling point for the much cheaper rego. And like you said - can't take pillions anyways.