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QLD Single seat registration

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by czed, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. New to the motorcycle word ,about to purchase my first bike a honda cb500x.

    would like to find out with the rego side of things the salesperson reckons just do dual seat rego , how ever i feel its a waste of money for the first 12 months.....
    my question is can i get the new bike rego in a single seat then after 12 months (i can take a pillion )
    change to dual seat rego ..

    any thoughts ?
    thanks craig
  2. Hi Craig and welcome. Can't help you with your question, but love your choice of bike :)
    I'd be interested to know the answer too, I don't plan on having a pillion ever, so will be nice to be able to get rego in a single seat
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    Never heard of dual seat rego? Don't have the amount of seats rego for a car???? :) Where do you live?
  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Ooops forgot to say Welcome !!!!
  6. Single seat registration is a Queensland thing. I'd go for it personally. It's a LAMS bike, likely the person you will sell it to at upgrade time will also be quite happy to have a single seat bike, and if you're like me your desire to pillion will be low even after a year. The saving is pretty significant.

    However, I have good powers of Google-fu and I couldn't easily find an authoritative answer to your question. That is, can it be modified and then modified back. I found a TMR form that implies you can indeed change it to single seat and then swap it back later, so it looks like it's fine, but I can't find it on the actual website (the form I found refers to the old system of needing an external certifier; it's now self-certification).
  7. HI
    Live in Brisbane Qld we have dual and single seat rego for motor bikes up here its around the $200.00 p/y for single seat rego :)
  8. Yes, we have a standard rego for any bike regardless of capacity - whereas I think southern states have a sliding scale for rego based on capacity. I believe the argument here is that the insurer is likely up for 50% less payout if the bike only has one person on it.

    So fascinatingly my 1000cc bike can be certified single seat and then cost the same annual rego ($243) as a postie bike vs $438. You used to need someone to do a mod plate and engineer's certificate, but you don't need to do that now. I think you can remove the rear pegs or something and sign the form. Or I suppose you just sign the form now :).

    I'd do it with the LAMS bike. You can go back to dual if you change your mind in a year's time, or just buy a new bike. The wins are all round.
  9. Great thank you , exciting times are just ahead ....
  10. Welcome to NR.
  11. You will find it difficult to get single seat rego for a CB500X. You would have to replace the seat as the stock one is all one piece for both rider and pillion. Also, the pillion footrest bracket holds the muffler up so you would need to find an alternative method to secure this. I am not aware of anyone who makes a single seat for the X, but they may be around. You could modify it yourself, but in the end, unless you are going to keep the bike for a while, you are not going to save a lot by going down this route.
  12. A quick google found this specifically for the CB500X for someone that's done it (in October of this year, so recent):


    Relevant bit is "For the CB500X the seat will need to be modified to reduce the seat length; either reupholstered, or 'creatively' modified with fibreglass or similar. For the "threaded holes drilled out" part, this is referencing the foot peg mounts on the bracket themselves, you do not need to drill out the threads on the bike's frame that the foot peg bracket mounts to. As our bikes use pin and clip not bolts for the foot pegs, this point does not apply. Though I would recommend removing the entire left bracket and consider replacing the exhaust hanger with one that has no footpeg mount present".

    So Nick LingNick Ling's point is relevant and YMMV as to whether it's worth doing. An interesting point; I didn't want to do it to my old classic as it required destruction of a hadr-to-find seat. Hmm :/.
  13. Worth checking into more I think!

    There have been big changes to the rules on single seat rego in Qld. Previously you have to get a "plate" put on the bike by someone authorized to do so. I believe all that has now changed.

    I recently registered a bike manufactured as a 2 seater as a single seater. No plate required any more - and main roads did not even inspect the bike?
  14. I believe they are not accepting the fibreglass covers over the pillion part of the original seat, but if the foam/upholstery is removed this might be okay. Check with a reupholster, it might not be that expensive to do, especially if he thinks you will be back to get it changed to a dual sometime in the future.

    A mate did his Bandit up in Qld, and he pays less than half what I fork out for mine here in Tassie.
  15. Doing some research to try and cut through the bureaucratic BS here.

    OK, recall that there are new rules in Queensland for Single Seat Conversions as of 1 July 2014: Press Release (see Page 2)

    To modify the seat is now a 'minor modification' and does not require a mod-plate or an approved inspection. Modifying the seat is now in the same category as a new exhaust, or changing indicators. You are as the registered owner self-certifying that the modification has been done.

    See Minor Modifications here, page 14 (it is the December 2014 list, Vehicle Standards Instruction G19.4).

    In that discussion they say, "For two-seats to single-seat conversions, the maximum length of the upholstered section of the seat must be 500mm or less, and the pillion foot pegs must be removed with any associated brackets and threaded holes drilled out." So, OK, drilled out?

    They also say go to the "LL section of the National Code of Practice for Light Vehicle Construction and Modification" for further information. So that National Code of Practice is in a Vehicle Service Bulletin held by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and is held in this document last updated in January 2011.

    This requires (Page 15):


    The following are specific requirements that need to be followed for seat conversions.
    All work must also comply with the general guidelines contained in sub-section 2 General



    For a two seater motor cycle to be converted to a single seater, it is necessary to shorten the
    seat and remove the pillion foot pegs/mounting brackets. For a motor cycle to be classified as
    a single seater, it is necessary for the motor cycle to be fitted with only:
    • one seat which has a length less than 500mm; and
    • one pair of foot pegs and mountings.

    5.1.1 Reduction in Seat Length
    • Only the upholstered section of the seat needs to be shortened.
    • The maximum length of the upholstered section of the seat is 500mm.
    • The shortened seat must have no sharp edges or protrusions.
    • Any equipment or fittings exposed by the seat modifications must be protected if they are likely
    • to cause injury to any person.
    5.1.2 Removal of Foot Pegs and Mounting Brackets

    The foot pegs must be removed.

    There must be no sharp edges, damage to the frame, or damage to the trailing arms.
    These modifications must not incorporate oxy-cutting or application of heat.​

    [end quote]

    This specifies nothing about drilling out brackets. The only place that discusses drilling out of brackets is the Minor Modifications sheet from TMR. Unfortunately this leaves a grey area - do you need to drill, baby, drill or not? Considering they are the same instructions as previous it means that probably, yes, technically, you need to drill out the brackets. Since the services bulletin doesn't specify it and to do so means you can't bring it back to dual, that sounds a lot like some extra rule a bureaucrat came up with an age ago to catch those awful bodgies ages ago.

    Also see here: Light Vehicle Modifications which notes Section LL as adopted 'as approved for use in Queensland' and it notes the other sections that aren't (e.g. LM2) so it seems that LL ought to trump anything in the minor mods sheet.

    Since it's now self-assessment (see this form QF3524) I would simply remove the footpegs, replace the cowl if you've got one (or get seat reupholstered). Drilling out the brackets seems out of step with the NCOP and inconsistent with the departmental guidelines. If you could remove the whole bracket, that's what I'd do.

    And there's provision on that form to send it back to two-seat.

    So after that bit of research I might consider doing this for my new bike given the benefits in Queensland of the cheaper rego.
  16. The drill out is a little harsh once the rear pegs are removed. If that's what's required. Surely a nice silver / chrome domed hex / allen bolt filling the hole would fit the bill, look the part and not get questioned.
  17. Prior to the recent changes which now allow self certification, I have owned 3 bikes that I changed over to single seat rego.
    None of the certifiers asked me to drill out threads on the frame to prevent you from attaching the pillion pegs.
    As long as I had removed the rear seat and replaced it with a seat cowl and had removed the pillion pegs, certifiers were happy to sign off on it and wack on a mod plate.
    Never had issues with the police wanting to check if the threads have been drilled out either, so I'd say it would be a pretty safe to leave the threads in the frame for the pillion pegs as they are .
  18. HI Everyone
    sorry i have not been back on for a while :-(
    Well i got the new bike cb500x on the 13/12/14 and did my qride on 20/12/14
    and wow so much has been learnt and so much has been seen , been for a few short rides with mates around the narangba to daybro areas, not ready for the mount me or peachester ranges yet but i will get there .

    Its been suggested to me to get some oggy knobs for that just in case moment ( hope never comes )

    So i am on the hunt for some and brackets to suite the cb500x .

    If any one knows of some let me know thanks :)

    Taking the bike into the shed in the morning to make a rad protector for it.