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QLD Single seat CTP

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by timnkoo, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering whether anyone in QLD can shed some light into this matter- I see that there are 2 classes of motorcycle CTP insurance here in queensland, that being single seat (class 13) meaning seating only for the rider and normal dual seats (class 13). There is a large price difference in the two with single seat being around $100 and normal around $250 (from memory). My question is, before I ring and confirm of course, can a dual seat be converted into a single seat via a seat cowl to change it's class and hence claim the cheaper CTP insurance? I am asking as I will never carry a pillion and it is pointless having a pillion seat and paying for it.


  2. Seat must be a true solo seat you cant just cover a dual, foam must be removed from dual seat, footpegs must be removed and if brackets remain to hold pipes a bolt put through hole and welded, a compliance plate must be obtained from mechanic and permanently fixed to bike will cost at least $50 sometimes more check with bike shop depending on what you do yourself.
    if you change it back in the future it must have yet another plate put on it to revert to dual this is a pain.

  3. I did that with my R6, I was never intending to carry a pillion and saves me some cash. I ended up removing the rear pillion brackets and had another exhaust bracket made up so if ever I want to change it back it's not so expensive. Replacement bracket was about $160.00 :shock:
    It cost me about $80 to get a compliance plate on it and I got to keep all the parts (as you should!)
    I had a pillion seat cowel and have that on anyway.

    phudds right about the seat conversion, although I've known of some bikes putting a permanent Ventura rack over the back of the touring seat, not sure how that complies though, but seems to get away with it.

    You also need to contact your insurance company and let them know of the mods too.
  4. I've done this with a few bikes, it can depend on how picky the mob doing the compliance plate want to be. So your better off taking it to them and asking what they want done.

    If the bike has two separate seats and you have a replacement cowl you can use that. You're not allowed to just cover the seat with anything, but i did get away with that once. Or you can remove the foam from the seat and put it back later.

    If it's all one seat, for it to be classified as a single seat it must be 500mm or less. So if it's more than that you'll have to cut the rest of the foam out. I just had a compliance plate done for a dirt bike where the seat measured just over 500mm they let me get away with not cuting out the foam.

    With the footpegs, i've only ever removed the pegs, i've never had to remove the brackets or weld the holes so i would diffently ask about that first.
  5. Single seat rego is $240 (got my renewal today)

    full rego is about $450

    I've just removed pegs on my bike, (brackets hold the exhaust on), and it has a seat cowl, total limit of mods done to it :)