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Single Seat Certification in Brisbane

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by tonner, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Can anyone tell me where to get a single seat certifcation in Brisbane? I have found only one guy and he wants $110 to do the certificate and mod plate only!

    Appreciate any advice.
  2. Cheers for that, same Guy that quoted me $110 for the certifcate and a small mod plate...seems a bit over the top since I have done what is required.

    Maybe thats just the price I guess ???
  3. the guy is a certified engineer ? to be able to do those things for your bike

    You dont go to uni for 4 years to work for shop assistant wages

    also his name is against the certification so he has a responsibility and element of risk
  4. Team Moto at Springwood did mine for cheaper than $110.
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  5. I have dealt with Brian a few times and he has been very good to deal with. You do realise he is a mobile so he comes to you hence why its a little bit more expensive? Worth the extra outlay in my opinion as at least you can watch him do the job and not have some snot nose apprentice climbing over your bike at a big dealer all day.
  6. why do u need a mod plate ??? its not like it didn't come with a seat in the first place ??? is this just for REGO purposes??
  7. If you get it mod plated for single seat registration, your registration halves from 400 to 200 a year! It is purely for registration/insurance purposes.
  8. Does it halve the price ????
    Most times I believe it is not worth it unless you keep the bike for at least three more years.
    And then have to go through the same process and cost selling it. As you would want to sell it two up
  9. Depends on how they do it. The ZR550 I bought with Qld rego has the conversion done. The guy who did it had made the rear cut-off section of the seat easy to re-attach with velcro. The rear pegs are a breeze to fit back in.
    Unfortunately the ahole I bought the bike from "couldn't find" that rear seat section so I bought a new full seat for NSW rego.

    They are supposed to make it not easy to go to 2 seats when a single seat is done (drill out threads for pegs etc) but some seem to.

    Single seat might even be an advantage for resale in Qld if the buyer wants the cheaper CTP and they can't double anyway in the early stages. Having an option of either is a plus.
  10. Brian is a top bloke and well worth supporting
  11. It is worth doing immediately. - I paid $80 to get a mod plate for my VFR and my CTP went down to $78, from $220.

    For NSW members, let me reiterate: CTP for $78....
  12. NSW doesn't do single seat rego
  13. I've got a Ducati 848, the mrs wont even consider getting on the back after seeing the size of the seat. So on some bikes its worth it as they arent good for doubling anyway.

    With mine he let me just take off the pegs and rear seat, then let me double sided tape the mod plate under the back seat so no holes were drilled if the next buyer wants to make it a two seater again.
  14. Wow that's a huge saving in NSW. And yup worth it if that's the case.
    I think..don't know but it was about a third off in qld. And that was a few years ago. I know we charged a lot to do it where I worked. More than I thought it was worth.
    And yeah my 998S has never been anything but a single as it came with the solid rear and no rear pegs.
  15. Too true normally but this is already done, all you need to do on an XVS650 is remove the pillion seat and the passenger footpegs ?? The rest is paperwork and a small mod plate.
  16. You need a certificate to say the pillion seat has been removed and the passenger footpegs, the mod plate is if you get pulled over carrying a pillion. Having said that I have never had a cop chech for a mod plate yet.
  17. I have no doubt he is good to deal with and I know he is mobile, he lives about 4 kms from me, just saying $110 seems a lot of money when there is no work to be done, just some paperwork.
  18. ^^ *Shakes head* You completely missed my point.