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Single riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Young'n, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Hi i was just wondering if anyone on here is single and looking for a chick or guy have a date with or just wanna make friends if so plz write on post a reply and tell me that you will come and ill orginise a get to gether weekend

  2. So you available?

    If so; A/S/L please. :p
  3. :shock: this ones been alive for 24 hours, and no more than 1 response?

    Ok, then. :)

    There are plenty of people who are single on NR, maybe post who you are (as MG suggested A:S:L, from 2 minutes looking at previous postings I couldn't tell either way), was there any personal reason you wanted to organise something (cos you like organising is completely valid, also if you wanted to be a part of the event), and what you had planned; BBQ, drinking sesh, movies, orgy (I know this may have been crowd dependant, but giving some options gets people interested)...

    Plus some people might only respond to you in PM, in fear of embaresment or riddicule.

    And its great to also suggest just friends too, as singles relate to singles better (IMO), esp when couples are doing their couply thing... So in turn you could use the term "Networking", I just love that word :grin:

    I dont wanna see this canned if you have a genuine interest in organising it, but before this actually became an event some people would argue that it should be in the 'Off Topics' area... :) Good Luck with whatever you organise.
  4. Hmm.... :oops: I thought this was going to be able the various thumpers.
  5. I like long walks on the beach.. candle lit..

    Actually, why am I being sarcastic when theres a chance of a hot rider chick being involved?!

    oh baby, oh baby!

    20/m/melb/fantastic in bed!


    .... No shame!
  6. :rofl: Totally shameless Matty but you look very sleazy in that pic :p
  7. I could be in that. I'm old but single.... :p
  8. matty

    matty... you must have big balls. i dont have big enough balls to post my pic like you did so good on ya!
  9. Wow, I need to use the internet more.
    I had no idea "asl" now means Age / Sex / Lies

    ahh progress :grin:
  10. I can see this ending up in multimedia and getting Locked real fast (Like the Guys and Girls riders threads...
  11. certainly has the "HOWUDOOIN" look slapped across his face!

    Single: Yes!!! after 2 years....

    S: M
    L: southport 5 mins from surfers paradise....
  12. :LOL:

  13. j00 w1sh! :LOL:

    Hope the hotties don't mind a yellow bike :(

    Seems like as good a time as any to spam my myspace :D

    Read the blogs, post comments, don't just perve!
  14. I read it for the articles... :oops: .... seriously.... :LOL:
  15. OK, new to this internetty matching singles thing, so here goes.

    I must admit the pictures were taken 18 months ago. I have only put on a little weight since then.



    Age: 96
    Sex: Anything I can get without begiing. For too long. 'Till my tongue swells.
    Location: Checked outside your bedroom window lately?
  16. :rofl: + gag @ nil orally

    Matty - :LOL:
  17. ghod damn your ugly... even for a vogon...
  18. I'm a single rider and so is my girlfriend. Singles rawk!
  19. build it and they will come ;)

    just organise an event, advertise it as singles orientated (you cant post something like "singles only" because thats wayyy too selective and netrider is about connecting riders and not making your own little group, thats only allowed for "girls only" events) actually last i heard you cant even advertise things as whatever "orientated" but give it a try anyway.

    post it in the events calendar https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add it will be approved within a few days and added to the "ride and event forum"

    if its not approved, pm vic or mouth and give them a little nudge.

    good luck
  20. spam your myspace.... my sig is linked there :rofl: if you reject my friend request i will not be happy