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single or twin exhausts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twinpilot, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. I'm not sure if we've discussed this before.

    But what are the pro's and con's for dual or single exhausts.

    I believe single exhausts increase back pressure and hence improve mid range power, while dual exhausts are better for top end action.

    Does anyone have any other thoughts ?

  2. Can't comment technically, I'll leave that to the better informed but imo, look better, sound better but must be pretty bloody expensive to replace with aftermarket cans.
  3. I know that twins don't get on well with single end-cans because they blow the padding out (big power pulses) and that 2-1-2 gives you more midrange power than a 2-2 because of back-pressure.

    Inline 4's would seem to work best with a single end-can.

    The diameter of a pipe and the length of a pipe is also important, decent exhaust's are designed to 'pull' the gases out of the pipe using the previous pulse.
  4. I disagree Nova, the SV650 is a twin and has a single end-cans and copes/handles pretty well
  5. Heya,

    I got my little zzr made into a single pipe... Sounds pretty good... Has a little more power in the mid range :twisted:

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. I have no technical info but the 5th Gen VFR800 has a single can while the 6th Gen adopted twin exhausts. Both have the same capacity and other than Vtech and chain driven cams are pretty much the same.
  7. Well it worked quite well for Honda in WorldSuper's :p
  8. What would happen if you drilled a hole in an exhaust. Wouldn't it reduce backpressure and go faster. It might make it louder for cars to hear.
    Weekend mechanic...
  9. "TWIN"

    But thats a Harley thing