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single or not ???

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by kingy, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Considering transferring my bike to a single seat... the misses is unhappy but ahh well my original guard is scratched to the shyt house and the pillion seat covers it up.. but i found a cheap new guard on the net ... what do you all think



    or a single seat just a pic i found off google


  2. happy wife happy life!!
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  3. So many men seem to get this wrong :D
  4. I do prefer the second pic though
  5. why not have both setups? then everyone's happy!!
  6. Why not just get her a bike of her own?
  7. Agree
  8. Yep, buy her a bike, you'll both end up happier.
    (You didn't think it was going to end up this expensive, did you? :LOL:)
  9. I took the seat off my bike. It's a 2 minute job to put it back on when the wife does actually want to come for a ride.

    99% of the time though, it is just me so the better look with it off is easily worth the occasional work of putting it back.

    That said, +1 for the "happy wife, happy life" theory.
  10. she cant even ride a push bike nor can she ride a thumpster.. i would rather my wife alive then be another statistic...

    plus she has no passion for bike she just likes to sit there and layback..

    as for both set ups YES i can do that but its a pain in the ass.. she will only go on the bike unless the sissy bar is on.. therefore to put the rear seat on and off its only 1 bolt easy. to get the sissy bar off now thats a different story. that complete chrome strip has to come off and replace them with the original spaces the place the original bolts back in..... easy 1hr job...

    ohh and in the next few months it will have a set of APES on it

    and yes my photo was taken with a calculator

    here is a different view of it

  11. Agree to the "happy wife, happy life" theory. I reckon it looks better with both seats on.
  12. cheers for the input i am leaning towards keeping it on but still unsure.. i dont know if single would suit it
  13. She's got some nice lines with the pillion seat off so I say go for it. I converted mine (Suzuki C50) to a single seat a while ago now and have really loved the change to the bike cosmetically. Also if you're feeling lazy you don't have to swing your leg up quite so high to get on and off the bike :)

    Interestingly it also got rid of that annoying buzzing noise that would start up intermittently behind me every now and then ;) Just kidding!

    I'm actually in the midst of a long term conversion to my bike to give it some modularity. I've already fitted risers to change the handlebar position, removed the pillion seat and fitted the bike with National Cycle removable panniers (still have to get those suckers painted). I've got a Mustang two piece seat set coming in the mail and when I can afford it I'll be purchasing the quick release Sissy bar set.

    Once all that is sorted out I can have either the slick single seat look, or within only about 5-10 minutes I would be able to attach the Pillion seat, clip on the Sissy Bar and the panniers to give me full two-up touring capability. Most of the time I'll be single seating it but it's nice to have the flexibility with little effort required. It's not necessarily the cheapest option, but I think it's worth the expense.
  14. Im with AussieRobin, it takes no time to switch around, even with a sissy bar
  15. if it's an easy changeover and you can change it back easily, then go for it. If it's a permanent change, kind of a dick move to your wife unless she had her own car or whatever
  16. I don't understand why you think we would care?
  17. Hiya mate
    Can you get a quick release sissy bar system for your model ?
    I personally prefer to ride solo but thats just my thing
  18. i think it looks hot as a single :)
    And if yor chickie wants to go for a ride every now and then it doesnt matter how long it takes to change it you'll do it :p