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Single cylinder spada

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nowhere fast, May 14, 2009.

  1. So my spada is running on only one cylinder with the other cylinder kicking in intermittently. Bike seems to be running normally when both cylinders are firing
    This only happened after I replaced the plugs and checked their gaps, replaced the air filter, and adjusted the valve clearances.

    I am thinking that it might be some bad fuel since I filled the fuel filter with some fuel that was sitting in a jerry can in the garage, which in retrospect was a dumb thing to do.

    Does this sound like a fuel issue or something else?
  2. not a bad fuel issue. cause the other cylinder is running

    sounds like u messed up the clearances,

    Check for spark then redo clearances.
  3. Try checking the fuel line to the carby on the cylinder that isnt working, just make sure you havnt pinched it somewhere while putting the bike back together. If that fails, try checking the spark plug lead.
  4. could be the spark plug leads.
  5. Could also be one of the new plugs.
  6. I'm putting my hand up for leads, they're probably old and ones either broken when you moved it around, or the new plug made the lead work harder and died...
  7. Thanks for the replies.

    It turns out the front cylinder isn't sparking; I swapped a working plug and re-tested but still no spark so plugs are ruled out.
    Checked the resistances of the plug lead and coil both of which came out to be within spec.
    I may have damaged the leads heading from the coil back to the cdi since I disconnected these to gain access to the rear cylinder but haven't had time to check these yet.
    Another possibility is that I might have reconnected these leads to the wrong terminals on the coil (I matched them by colour but maybe they are the wires are the wrong colour?) is it safe to try swapping the terminals, or is that likely to cause damage?
    Any other suggestions?

    Remember: if you can't fix it with a hammer; you've got an electrical problem.
  8. Tried swaping things over from one cylinder to the other to see what does and doesn't work?

    Try out the other coil pack on the side thats working on the side that isn't and see if it works, if not its something before the pack. and go hunting further back.