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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by es, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Today, I was riding in some shitty conditions. It was cold so my body was tensing up, and becuase of the early start (mixed with bordom) I was starting to feel drowsy. There wasnt anywhere I could pull over safely.

    So I started to sing (scream?) metal tracks... only one I could remember was Psyco - System of a Down, but its really good, a stack of yelling at the start ;)

    It always wakes me up. My theory is it makes you bring more oxygen into your brain with the deep breaths you take, and of course I usually dance round a bit on the bike when im singing too which helps relive the tension. Also, for me, having something else to think about (simple enough that you can still concerntrate on the road) relieves the bordom.

    Has anyone else found that singing helps while riding? For what reasons? On long rides I usually think about stuff, everything and anything. The quiet helps me resolve some issues (hence why I like long rides so much). But if Im getting bored or especially tense, singing helps alot.

    What do you do on long trips?
  2. I sing!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sing all the Jimmy Buffett classic albums, in release date order, and in correct song order.

    Then I do a couple of Joan Baez albums, ditto

    The I do a Sideshow Bob and sing whole Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas, (the soprano solos I usually have to transpose down a bit, but you should hear the tenor and bass ones, bellissimo)

    And then if my attention wanders from that (ooo, shiny) I usually find my mind has reverted to 'voi che sapete', by Mozart, from the Marriage of Figaro. It's short and sweet, but Cecila Bartoli had better watch out, I'm telling you, cos I reckon I've sung it more times than she has......
  3. i sing songs that shit me! i dont know why....im talking about them pesky adds that just bug you to death!

    i dont do it all of the time...it just buggs me the amount i do!
  4. I'm with Phanoongy, I tend to get stupid songs stuck in my head.

    Or the one time I really gave singing a try, I realised that my voice sounds so much better out of my helmet with back up music!! LOL
  5. I sing incessantly.

    I mean, why the hell not? Nobody to complain about it!

    When I get busted singing away at the lights I just look the drivers in the eye and sing even louder. fcuk em! Haha!
  6. I sing while I'm on the bike. And then when I get to the lights I tend to do a bit of a drumming solo on the tank. Always amusing to watch peoples reactions :grin:

  7. I try not to inflict my singing voice on others, so why would I want to listen to it myself? :shock: :LOL:
  8. I sing all the time on the bike but usually it's just the last song i heard or some stupid song that is stuck in my head for some reason.
  9. CoIncidence??
    ...I think not

  10. LOL
    i wanna rock up beside you

    i sing in cars with the windows down, and when cars drive beside us looking at me, i turn to them and sing TO them.

    i like making people laugh
  11. I usually go into the oncoming traffic lane and play chicken with a few busses or trucks. After that the adrenaline keeps me more than awake...but sometimes the shaking can be a problem...
  12. Normally to let the boredom out i dont sing, i normally start dancing, do a bit of a strip tease on the tank..hehe, and here i was thinking i was the only freak who sings on the bike (not at traffic lights though) but i guess its just because i am happy when i am riding :)
  13. I got sprung doing a drum solo on the tank the other night sitting at the lights too!

    I like to use the handlbars as cymbals for added variety! :grin:
  14. You have to sing but I wish I knew more than one song would make long rides more interesting :grin:
  15. All sounds familiar - BTW I'm just a newbie trying to get my posts up so I can email another member.
  16. All sounds familiar - BTW I'm just a newbie trying to get my posts up so I can email another member.