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since when have ballet shoes been fashionable for men ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Has anyone else noticed this serious problem I have a concern with, with slip-in ballet style slippers being worn by blokes ??? :shock:

    I noticed it the other night at the gym where one of the instructors was wearing them. I thought, yeah . . one off incident, but on saturday at the local car wash a P-plater out of a Holden Ute walks out of his car with these gay slippers ! Like seriously they look so feminie !!!!

    Anyone else notice this ????
    Like is this a new fashion trend ???
  2. find a pic, never seen them
  3. yeah, i'll find one.
    They are not like old-timers slippers, these are like ones chics wear, fully closed at the heal and toe, flat soled and wraps around the side of the foot !
  4. I've found at my local gym that some of the instructors seem to think any footwear is appropriate and fashionable.

    Holden explains the other case.
  5. I blame metros
  6. I blame Steroids
  7. Actually

    I blame it on the boogie
  8. I can't top that :(.
  9. yeh ive seen them, not quite ballet shoes but i know what you mean. normally seen on people with pants tighter than their sisters, a shirt thats either three sizes too small or four to big, a pink scarf and a fringe that paul mccartney would be proud of.
  10. Like these?
  11. I dont have any, but they sound tougher if you call them kung fu shoes.

    It sounds even tougher if you call them "Flaming killer kung fu shoes of death".
  12. Hmmm... Not quite sure what you're referring to Micky, but when I used to do ballet ( a loooong time ago) the shoes we wore were not even mildly appropriate for street use! SO wtf are these blokes wearing?? :?
  13. I know what you are referring to.

    They seem to be worn in conjunction with pink polos with popped collars, and jeans/shorts half-way down the arse, to expose the CK underwear.

    EDIT: Ah, here's a picture... of the type of person that might wear these shoes. Unfortunately, no view of the shoes.

  14. I have a funny feeling that Mickyb V9 is referring to the aforementioned "kung fu" shoes, or as I remember them being called back when I was school "jap shoes". Either way they're just wrong!

  15. F&%k that, sneakers are for work, boots for riding and thongs for everyday living :)
  16. It's only footwear.
  17. ^

    those have got to be the gayest from of footwear i have ever fcuking seen!

    i knew a guy who had a collection of them to match whatever he was wearing! it cracked me up every time i saw him. it just yells out: fashion victim! add the hipster/emo hairstyle, scarf, skinny jeans and white over sized sunglasses and it just about sums up: 'generation stupid!' :LOL:

    saying that you're an individual when you look like a copy of your mates is hilarious.

    just thought i'd throw this in:

  18. I used to be in that school of thouht but these days three shoes just doesnt cut it for me...

    Now on the agenda are work, play, soccer (grass and concrete) riding (moto and pushie with SPD), hiking, + thongs. I count 11. But nowhere in the collection are killer kung fu shoes of death.
  19. ewwww The whole Metro thing is yuck. The pastel tshirts, skinny grey jeans and slipper things are revolting.

    +1 twainharte