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Simpson Bandit and Super Bandit - Road legal?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LineNoise, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Does anyone happen to know if the Simpson Bandit or Super Bandit helmets are roadworthy in Australia?

    A mate can get me an XL one for about 2/3s the normal price but he's not sure if they've got AS stickers.

    I've worn one overseas and they fit me like a glove, would love to get a hold of it if I could use it on the road (hell would like it for the track but can only afford one helmet at the moment).

  2. I don't claim to be an expert, but I have an idea that Simpson helmets are not road legal at all in Australia and are only imported for racing purposes.

    Check Auto Action for the distributor's advertisement and give them a call.
  3. If they are bought in for racing purposes don't they have to be CAMS approved?

    If so I was under the impression that the AS CAMS used was the same as the bike one. (1698?)

    I'll definitely give the distributor a call.

    Wonder why they wouldn't be legal. The one I wore offered superb visibility and looked to be a pretty good protector (Snell M and SA 2000 certified as well).
  4. Fired off an email to the guys at simpsonraceproducts.com.au

    Is that who you were talking about?
  5. That sounds right
    If they can't tell you, nobody can.
    I remember talking to Gary Rush years ago and he used a Simpson in his sprintcar and I asked him about it and he said they were great but not certified for road use, dunno why.
  6. Knowing how well they fit I'd be damn near tempted to bake the sticker for a $70 brainbowl and glue it on the back.

    Then again it would be just my luck to get done up the rear by insurance/police/vengeful hare krishnas if I did. :(
  7. As an aside...what would be the penalty for wearing a non AS1698 helmet?
  8. youre brains splattered on the ground?

    try a cereal bowl instead.

    lolz juz joking i too am interested in simpson helmets they seem all teh rage over in the uk and they seem to be every were, surely if theyre legal over there tehy should be so over here?????
  9. They've got a bloody good rep for being safe in speedway and drag racing which I imagine would involve the helmet taking quite a beating.

    The thing that bugs me is I tried on every helmet under $800 at the shops in the CBD and none fitted as well as the Simpson did :\ The Nolan was close but not quite there.
  10. Hi,
    Dont know what the fine for not having the sticker on your lid is,
    But I have been wearing a helmet I got in the UK last year,
    (got the helmet so I could ride my bro's Aprilia RS250),
    Been wearing it in Australia since Novemeber 2004.
    never had a cop look twice at it,
    Conforms to British Standard 2810703 and has British Motor Cycle Sport approval so can't be all bad.

    The other one to look for is the Snell Standard, I have heard all the arguements before over this standard, but it is a legitimate impact test standard for helmets. (my HJC has Snell M95 DOT on the back)

    After that I am not sure, if it is a good fitting lid, I think you are better off wearing a helmet that fits well without the stupid silver label,
    than one that has the silver label and does not fit well.
  11. I agree. Just don't want to be hit with some ludicrous fine, lose my license or void any insurance if I come off :\

    It's crap like this that shows we need international standards.

    Anyone want to put up an ISO for bike helmets?
  12. no simpsons are definately NOT road leagal in oz (they aint in the uk either)

    i have been pulled wearing mine a few times (at booze bus stops and such, and i have never had a problem)

    but if you want the most protective helmet in the world buy a simpson (mines an rx8 super drag)

    by the way, you can buy road legal simpsons but the look godawful and dont meet the same standards as the race versions
  13. Typical you can legally ride in something that offers about as much protection as your average punch bowl because it's got a sticker on it and you can't wear a race quality helmet :roll:

    Don't suppose anyone knows how many you would need to get tested? Damn near think you could do a group buy if they only needed 5 or so helmets.

    5 extra helmets over say 50 people wouldn't be too much of a slug.
  14. yes, for each model of helmet you need ten helmets and $30,000, thats every model of helmet that simpson make (14 models in all which equals 140 helmets and $520,000)

    not the cheapest of things to do (besides i am sure simpson dont care if they are road legal as they sell enough to the racing fraternity)

    oh and by the way the cheapest model simpson make is $920 plus gst (the most expensive is $3200 plus gst)
  15. Ok....so maybe we need like 3000 people. :\

    /me shelves that idea.

    As for the $920...that doesn't sound right? Where did you get yours?

    I was told the one I'm looking at was bought for $850 and these guys: http://www.simpsonraceproducts.com.au have them for $650 it would seem.
  16. hmmmmm, bloody prices have dropped

    i bought an rx drag about 1 1/2 years ago and it cost me a little over a grand with the tinted visor

    i know the bandits are cheaper but they look so crap nowadays

    i must admit though, if i was shopping for a new helmet i think i would buy a roof daytona rather than a simpson.
  17. ive seen those roofs they look smick are they australian standards approved :?:
    i would just need to paint a matching speed stripe down my jacket , pants and bike then...... :D

  18. erm. nope, they aint adr'd either