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Simple trip up the GOR

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Toyboy, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Ok so definitely not as hardcore as a lot of the threads in here but I did my first weekend ride a couple of weeks back.

    Went with a mate, who unfortunately was on time constraints, up the Great Ocean Road from the CBD. We got as far as Lorne, but unluckily for me, my mate had to get back relatively soon so I could not go any further. :nopity:

    Trip started well, a quick fill up at the local station and we were off down the freeway and over the west gate bridge.

    The freeways are pretty tedious (durr) I came to find, long straight and devoid of attraction (unless you're a speeder I'm guessing).

    Stopped just past torquay to stretch out and get ready for the twisty roads up ahead.

    Of course, inevitably, we were stuck behind a few cars heading into the GOR but once we could (legally) overtake them, we were roaring through the twisties.

    I admit to being overexcited to start with because I ran one or two corners very wide, I'm very lucky to not have been collected by a car, but thankfully there was no traffic when I made my mistakes. I learnt that road signs are my friend and I shouldn't take every corner at 80km/h :LOL:

    Got to Lorne intact just in time for a brand spanking new Trumpy speed triple to pull up and park next to my ol' reliable CB250 :p My friend and I assumed we had the cheapest bikes in town! A lot of bikes out though which was lovely to see.

    Ran into a bit of a problem, the bike was leaking fuel, the whole engine was near drenched! (Later found out the problem was just a couple of loose bolts and they have been dealt with, as well as some new oil.)

    Had a quick lunch and back we headed.

    I had cooled myself down a tad and was now focussing on my corners which improved immensely.

    You can really tell the difference between a sports bike (FZR250) like my mate has and a, err, all-rounder like my CB250 in the corners, I just could not keep up in honesty.

    Got back to Melbourne with a big grin on my face, because although I had only had a sneak peek of the GOR, it had well and truly hit me with the riding bug.

    Opened my eyes a bit really, I love my CB250, it is so forgiving of me and it runs perfectly, but if I want to push my fun limit in the twisties, I'm afraid she has to go :p hoping to sell her soon and buy another cheap and easy, but one with a bit less of a commuter feel.

    Thanks for reading my rather tame affair :D
  2. You have found the joy!
  3. My first run on a bike was to Lorne too, before i headed back. All the good bits are further up though.
    Glad you came back with a smile.