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simple qustion

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. ok here go's
    a few days ago I was rolling my bike down my driveway and I herd this clicking nose and it got worse so yesterday I pulled my faring off and took the Chan cover off thinkning I might have a damaged chain or front sprocket.
    well getting to my problem the spacer between the sprocket and the nut holding it in place is cracked
    my problem is that I cant undo the nut cause im not shore which way to turn it (its not moving either way I tried) and when I put too much force on it cause when I do it moves (THE ENGINE) so what I want to know is if the nut holding the front sprocket (on a cbr250 [single r]) tirns to the left or the right and is there any thing special I need to do to stop the pistons from moving while im undoing it

    any help would be much appreciated :)
  2. I know little about bikes, but in theory , you could lock the bike into gear, and have another person hold the brakes on, that should be enough to prevent even the pistons from turning?
  3. ive taken the chain off cause to beign with i thort it was that

    so should i put the chan back on to undo the front sproket?

    and which way dose it undo

    i thort it would go against the trun of the engine but im not 100% shoure
  4. Or use a cable tie or similar to lock the brakes levers on. As for the nut, perhaps get something to try and losen it up like CRC or WD40. A lot of sprocket nuts will have loctite on them.
  5. the sprocket spins in the direction that will actually tighten the bolt as you ride AFAIK.
  6. I'd put the chain back on and put the brakes on to give you more resistance, relying on engine compression alone may result in grazed knuckles.
  7. yep :grin:
    i know

    but there not to bad
    thats the main reson i arsked which way it was
  8. Your countershaft sprocket will have a standard right-hand thread, so it will undo by turning it to the left as you look at the left hand side of the bike.

    It MAY have a lock washer under it, with a turned up section holding it in place so you can't turn it. Check, and if if does, use a screwdriver and a hammer to 'turn back' the locking tab, and then you should be able to undo the nut. Make sure to turn the tab back up to lock the nut in place when you are doing the reverse part of the job.....
  9. Are you sure the "cracked spacer" between the sprocket and nut is not just a spring/split washer?

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. yes i am quite sure

    it makes the noise it made when it was roling when i push on it and its cracked through on one side and its starting to crack on the other
  11. Got the part on order

    Happy because it was cheap not so happy that I have to wait for it to arrive