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Simple question for the 1K owners....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Camel Salesman, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Can you POWER wheelie at around 190kmph +

    (with minimal gearing, maybe -1)

    Yes or No?

    my question is CAN you...not so much WILL you.

    A local ass hat says that he can power wheelie a 1K up at 190, so I called him out on it....
  2. A lightly modified super-sport can power-wheelie at 120-130kph or so on a flat road.

    It depends. If you take a link out of the chain to shorten the wheelbase, and if you're light enough, and chop the throttle and whack it wide open while leaning back and giving a tug at the bars, a modern litre bike might well be capable of picking the front up at 190kph on a flat road.

    If there's a bump or rise in the road to assist, then most definitely. My old year 2000 R1 would loft the front at 220kph under power alone coming out of turn 12 at Phillip Island in 4th gear and that was while leaning forwards trying to keep it down, coming over that slight crest onto the main straight.
  3. Yes, but it will be a half-assed wheelie.
  4. You can power the front wheel up coming onto the straight at Phillip Island at around the 200kmh mark, so the answer is yes I'd say. :grin:
  5. Wow. Wish i could wheelie.
  6. Absolutely yes. In fact I got a nasty surprise on a 1998-ish ZX-9R (heavier and less power than any modern litrebike) when it came up in third gear just as I was crossing the 200kmh mark and the power was really kicking in. I'd be delighted if that happened these days, because now I love a wheelie, but by christ I shat bricks back then.

    Like Stew says, a slight crest can be all it takes when you're on full throttle at those speeds, and if you're a stunter worth shit you can probably rock one up no worries.
  7. Yes, it is very easy. But the question is why.

    Any mono or wheelie.

    All it does is stretch your chain and stuffs your sprockets.
    and shortens the life of your motor.
  8. Sounds like someone's gettin' too old to remember having FUN!!!! :p
  9. Triway,
    I have been riding big bikes, for longer than you have been alive.
    If I was too old to have fun, I would have bought a Harley.
    I am also an upper intermediate snow skier.
    The only thing old about me, is the skin I stand up in.
    when you have ridden the miles I have, then you might be able to say something.

    Triway, I bet you whinge and moan about the cost of replacing chains, sprockets, tyres, etc, etc,

    Doing wheelies or Mono's still stretches chains and stuffs sprockets and chews out tyres,

    This advice is for the young riders that dont know about the mechanics of their machines, appears that you dont either.
  10. I do hard acceleration. The front wheel lifts here and there. :wink: I use 520 chains. I generally get around 15-20,000kms out of a 520 chain and alloy sprocket set. The edges of my tyres wear out long before the middles do. Not had any problems with engines yet. I don't complain about it. I just smile when I'm having fun.
  11. Easy there yoda, I think he was just mucking around.... take it for what it is.

    After riding a new Gixxer 1000 I wouldn't doubt it for a second! One scary machine!
  12. Seems I should have included 'grumpy' in my description also! :p

    And I don't need your resume', thanks anyway.....

    First, nowhere did I refute that monoing may cause wear on your bike.

    Second, my reply was a little stick in the ribs to say that in you saying "all it does is ruin your chain blah, blah....." you forgot about how much fun it can be and the joy to be had from such childish pursuits.

    No, I don't whinge about any costs of my bikes. They are my passion, and I'm happy to pay for it.

    I replace a bike before a chain is needed anyway! :p :LOL:

    So relax, all I said was don't forget how much fun they can be! :wink:

    Have a nice day! :cool:
  13. He probably would have nice day if he could remember how to wheelie. :p
  14. Duh they cause wear, don't feel special because you know that :LOL:

    We know, its just FUN. You're just upset because you've got an old mans bike (waits for impending smack on the head by local blackbird riders) :grin:
  15. Hey, I don't own a BB, but I'm not gonna pass up a chance to smack someone on the head! :blackeye:

    I'm an aspiring BB rider, and I'm only 26!!! :LOL:
  16. hehe funny posts

    brian is right though... i have gone through a few chains and more tyres than i can remember. wheelies are bad mmmkay?
  17. Hey Triway, My post was aimed at Camel trader,
    He is 19, I am not sure whether he has a licence or a permit,
    It was an attempt to give him some road skills. in a subtle way.
    He likes to smash mirrors off cars, and then asks why car drivers hate bikes, Please follow his posts first. You will be enlightened. hahahahaha
    My old mans bike, Honda Blackbird 1100 XX, has one bad problem, and thats keeping the front wheel on the ground, at any speed, or in any gear. hahahaha
    Ride fast, ride safe, and stay upright, Mate.
  18. BB's are too big for me!

    The only bike I truely hate on the road is the Honda Gheywing. :p
  19. brian... can we have pics of you doing wheelies on the 'bird please. i want some inspiration!
  20. You wont get inspiration from me, mate. I like both wheels solidly on the ground. I am also trying very hard to keep my licence,