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Simple pleasures

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Glenn01, May 31, 2012.

  1. As a new rider I've been racking up a few firsts lately.

    Sure, some of them haven't been great:
    - first stall at traffic lights
    - first stall in an intersection
    - first stall in a quiet back street just as 2 school girls happen past
    - first time finding a false neutral while up shift going up a hill
    (followed very quickly by: )
    - first, second, third and fourth failed attempted hill start.

    Ahh the joys. However, on the flip side some of the other "firsts" have been absolutely fantastic and I just can get enough of them.

    For instance, I went for my first night right yesterday. Watching my shadow race off in front of me as I passed under street lights was just awesome.

    Just watching my headlight tilt from side to side was cool.

    And the first time I approached a roundabout, slowed down just enough, down shifted, went through smooth and accelerated away without having to look down or think about each separate step ... "yes!", awesome.

    I hope I can keep enjoying these simple pleasures as much after 3 years riding as I am after only 3 weeks...
  2. First post in this thread.

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  3. Second. Reserved for updates.

    (Nice work Glenn)
  4. My favourite first was

    first time I forgot to turn the fuel on...

    during a test ride...

    Up hill...

    In front of a school...

    #Sigh#. Good times!
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  5. You haven't run out of fuel yet... Amateur!
  6. I just added another first to my own list:

    First time I saw a rider pull up due to him having trouble and I was the first to pull up next to him and ask whether he's OK.
    Now I feel like a real rider :D
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  7. This is all well and good, and I know those feels, but...
    :-O Target fixation?! -peers down at you over glasses- Thank your lucky stars you didn't crash into the great hazard that is your shadow! Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. -points at jail-

  8. My favourite first would be the 1st time I got in the lift at work decked out in my gear (jacket & jeans etc with gloves and helmet in hand). People look sideways at you and you can tell they're itching to ask you a question.

    The first night ride was pretty good too. Just zinging along in the cool air, focused on nothing but keeping the bike headed in the right direction.
  9. My favourite first would have to my first solo multi-overnight road trip. Not much of clue what i was doing, and that reliance on the bike to get me somewhere. Come to think of it i still do it this way.
  10. first mirror.
    did'nt break off on initial attempt. so embarrassed
    takes practice to do it in one go.

    probably moreso a rush, than a simple pleasure.
  11. Haha, good times, I had a few of those "first times" in my first few weeks of riding.

    I'll add another one - Forgetting to kick my kickstand up in a carpark, with 2 kids watching me in the car parked right next to me. Killed the engine about 4 times before I figured it out... Still a disgrace, even with my Ls on ](*,)
  12. my first write off, fark that hurt, but others had a laugh at how I bounced down the road lol
  13. I'm refusing to look where you're pointing so I don't end up there.

    Meanwhile as I am scanning the whole road ahead I happen to notice my shadows racing ahead of me...
  14. Another favorite first: first successful piece of home maintenance on my bike (albeit very, very minor) - very satisfying for a newbie.
  15. This. My headlight bulb low beam blew out when I was out with mates (who were seeing my bike for the first time)

    The next day, I replaced it ALL BY MYSELF. I felt like a master mechanic...
  16. First time through a tunnel. Man, that sound is just orgasmic.
  17. Favourite first - riding my 1100cc for the very first time (and successfully :) ) Before that I had only ever ridden a 250cc.
  18. Ah the simple pleasures... for me being such a noobie, they are all simple pleasures, but include;

    - The very first ride. It was the first ride since getting my license and the first ride on my new bike
    - Riding up my steep driveway the first time without stopping. Had been haunting me for a while

    I'm sure there will be many more...
  19. First time the Harley rider you just nodded to gives you a big thumbs up as a reply :D

    You made my day, thank you Sir :)