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simple camera recomendation

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by robbie55, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Hope you don't mind me asking here, but camera shops (that I've visited anyway) don't give you a chance to try anything out before you buy them so am looking for some suggestions.

    I know most would have some pretty high end camera's but essentially what I'm after is a simple point and shoot camera that actually takes photos as soon as you press the button and others quickly after. Our current Fuji camera takes about two seconds between the press of the button till the shot being actually taken and with a newborn that constantly moves around its hard to get a decent shot if he's not asleep.

    Before you say anything we have tried the half press down to focus then shoot and upgraded to an expensive memory card that someone had mentioned can contribute to the delay as well but no luck. Would be happy to spend up to say $400 but would love to hear from someone with actual first hand experience with the camera rather than just "heard it could do that" or "anything over $x would give you that".

    Thanks in advance
  2. I've usually bought Sony's T line of cameras for my wife, and they seem to be pretty good on the shutter lag.

    Though, digital SLRs are best. You press the shutter on my nikon, and it instantly goes "thunk" and takes the shot. They're not so portable though.

    Heartily recommend the Sony.

    Also, if the shops you are going to are not providing a demonstration of the camera, go elsewhere.
  3. canon g cameras have very very very little shutter lag but are not in the $400 price tag, more like 700-800
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies and terminology now at least I know how to explain it. "shutter lag"

    Chrome, can you recommend a store (or chain) that actually has the cameras available to try?

    Smee, I was considering spending up to $800 at first as someone had mentioned the sony A55 but I want something really simple, small and don't need add on lenses etc, but I will check out the canon g range see what its like.

    EDIT: just saw this - is this what you were referring to smee?
  5. Ted's Cameras on Pitt St have a good selection.

    You can park for $5 all day at Goulborn st parking (bike).

    You don't have to spend loads of money to get a camera without shutter lag these days. Most of the decent quality portable digital cameras can handle it now.

    The only recommendation I have for you, is to get one that has optical zoom rather than digital zoom.
  6. The most important thing that you should look for in a card is not the brand or price but the speed. Remember that the better the quality the bigger the memory usage and the slower the time to write this into the card (hence lag).

    Seeing as your in Sydney you should check out MSY Computers. They generally have the best deals on CLASS 10 SDHC cards with their Team branded cards at 4G = $13, 8G = $20, 16G = $42, and 32G = $81. Check that your camera supports SDHC and make sure that it’s a class 10 card.
  7. Thanks again chrome - every time I think of a camera store I can only recall those dodgy places that just print etc, but now that I think about it I know where Ted's is.

    I park on Hay St most days so I'll just walk down tomorrow during lunch.
  8. Sale on at www.shoppingsquare.com.au

    G11 for $450 + delivery.

    Some good deals too on lenses.
  9. Kodak easyshare stuff is ok if you just want simple point & shoot, I've had three of them over the years.

    Heaps of models though, you'd probably need to try one out to see the shutter lag.

    My current one is the Kodak Z950, takes great pics, but it's not the quickest for focus or shutter lag.

    Heaps of models though, you'd probably need to try one out to see the shutter lag.
  10. These are the camera’s that probably best suit your needs. Apart from ebay (better prices) Officeworks also has these cameras are pretty reasonable prices.

    Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10 = $545
    Canon PowerShot SX210 = $448
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5 = $498
    Nikon COOLPIX S8000 = $397


    I have the TZ10 which performs very well, quick speeds and doesn’t blur as much. I can basically run around snapping pics with one hand without much trouble. From reviews it seems that the TZ10 still heads the pack. The downside is it is a little bit pricy but you should be able to bring down the prices even more by buying from ebay.


    Make sure to buy good quality SDHC Class 10 cards. I think the TZ10 is also one of the few cameras that support SDXC memory cards (although these more advanced cards might end up pricier than the actual camera)
  11. if you don't mind lasts yrs model.

    G12 is out.

  12. Have a squiz at the PENTAX optio range, just about everything on them is adjustable but you can also set to point and click. The best yet is the waterproof one that is "waterproof" not resistant to 5mtrs so if you get caught out in the rain dont put your camera away...keep snapping.
  13. Wow thanks azncruiser, top recomendations and links I'll be sure to check them out in the flesh so to speak

    Thanks for all the other replies too I did not expect to get so many so soon
  14. I'd be leaning towards the G11 or G12 if you don't mind spending a few bob more.
    Had a fiddle with a G11 at work and I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I needed a Point and shoot.
    All the settings you could dream of with portability.
  15. would agree my partner has a g11 takes some awesome photos and has the ability to be creative eg has a lot of the features of a dslr shoots in raw or jpeg tv,av manual shooting modes aswell as the normal p etc

  16. Yep
    Geez they have dropped in price, I was quoting RRP from Canon
  17. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions, I ended up getting a Sony DSC-HX5V this afternoon.

    Bought it from the Digital Camera Warehouse in Sydney and just wanted to give them a plug actually.

    I explained what I had in my first post here and all the suggestions that were raised. The only one they didn't have was the G11 due to its age but they had the G12. Despite the number of people in the store the guy patiently spent over 40mins going through all six camera's, was honest about what they excelled in and what they lacked, went through the memory cards as well, and of course a case to carry it in.

    My initial plan was just to get some minor advice, see the camera's in the flesh and perhaps save myself around $50-$100 by actually buying later on ebay, but this was one of those occasions where the advice and service was actually worth paying for and despite paying $98 more than the cheapest ebay price I feel it was great value.

    FWIW, the features of the above camera that got it across the line were the smile detection, panoramic sweep and burst (10 photos per second) function.
  18. Looks like an awesome camera. I've always been happy with the Sony's I've bought for my missus, and she's loved them too. Great quality pics.

    Did you get a nice big memory card for it?
  19. 10 fps for a point and shoot is awesome,Dcw are a good have bought some gear from them online before.
  20. Yeah got a good memory card for it, it was actually class 6. As I said the sales guy was really honest about what he was selling and said that for this camera a class 10 card would be overkill.

    He was right, the shutter lag is basically non-existant, but to be honest it doesn't matter, the smile function is that good and quick so we don't actually have to push the button at all - as soon as he smiles the photo is taken. My son is three months old and on our old camera we only managed a dozen shots of him smiling in that time, with 1 full day with this camera we have over 30.

    I also had a play with the panorama sweep shot function and it is also absolutely awesome, even when people move or walk through the frame it somehow recognises it leaving you without any blurring etc.

    Also took some shots of my neice who had one of those huge bubble makers and used the burst feature - you can slow it down to 2 shots per second - and this resulted in some great shots with the bubbles being created that you would have been so lucky to capture with any standard point and shoot.