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Simone- new rider from Reservoir

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Simone, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Hi, I have just bought my first bike- Kawasaki GPX 250cc. I dont know many people who ride, but was told to register on the site to get started :grin: Hopefully i will meet some great people to help me get my bike career going.....

  2. Hi Simone! There are NRs all over Melbourne, so I'm sure you'll meet someone close. If you're able to make it to a coffee night you'll have fun :grin: Check out the Vic Ride and Event threads
  3. Welcome Simone!

    Check out the rider events area and come to a coffee night to meet a few of us. We are mostly harmless!

  4. Thank you guys

    I would love to come for a coffee night - let me check the dates and i hope to see you there! I cant wait!!!
  5. Welcome and enjoy :wink:
  6. Yayyyy, I've assimilated another one :LOL:

    Welcome to the nuthouse Simone :grin:
    Good luck to you and Mark for this weekend, just relax and enjoy the experience, you'll have no trouble.
    We can do a carpark session tonight if your up for it.
    I hope you enjoyed yourself lastnight, your grin was getting wider with each bend we tackled.
    Now all ya gotta do is start saving for that rack so you can come touring with the rest of us :cool:
    Life as you know it will never be the same :twisted:

    PS, we can do coffee night tonight if you want :)
  7. Thanks Caz

    I would love to come for a ride tonight for sure!!!! Am i doing this right? I dont know where to post my replys? I will have to get a pic to put on here.
  8. Well from one Simone to another [​IMG]
  9. Give me a ring when ya get home, we'll take it from there :)
  10. I will call you when i get home - 6.30pm
  11. I will call you when i get home - 6.30pm
  12. Hi there lowercase, thank you for your reply - makes me feel welcome :grin:
  13. As it should be! What's the point of a welcome thread if you don't feel welcome.
    How's the riding coming along?
  14. I go for my licence next weekend, i am nervous but confident - i have a great teacher who is helping me with the basics - my bike is at the docs getting a RWC ready for the weekend, now all i need to do is get the gear and i am set - so exciting :grin:
  15. Welcome aboard ..

    Looks like you already have a great mentor in Caz there.. :grin:
  16. Re: Thanks Caz

    Already aware of the unwritten rules for noob females eh? :LOL:
    Make sure its worthwhile. Semi-clad pic is fine.

    Welcome Simmy. :grin:
  17. Thank you for the Welcome!!!!

    Thank you to everyone who has made me feel welcome!!!
  18. well any friend of Caz's is a friend of mine, welcome aboard Simone!!

    Happy riding, hope you ace that licence test and get out riding in this awesome weather asap :cool:

  19. Yayyyy, Simone got her L's today.