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VIC Simon Overland Herald Sun Article

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. It’s no secret that during this bloke’s time in the top job motorcyclists have and continue to suffer.

    The poll results may indicate that the wider community have had enough of him as well.

    Premier Ted Baillieu demands police chief Simon Overland fix problems
    Grant McArthur, Anne Wright - From: Herald Sun - April 22, 2011 12:00AM

    TED Baillieu has put police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland on notice as the state's former top cop said his time may be up.

    Former chief Kel Glare said the rift between the Government and Mr Overland was too big to ignore.

    "It is clearly quite serious and steps need to be taken to either cut and run or heal the rift," he said.

    "As chief commissioner, if you lose the confidence of government you have a very difficult task because ... they hold the purse strings."

    As Mr Overland tried to defuse the row, speculation rose that two of his three deputies - Sir Ken Jones and Ken Lay - may quit the force in frustration.

    Despite saying he had confidence in Mr Overland, Mr Baillieu issued him a blunt warning: "Simon Overland as Chief Commissioner has a job to do, he recognises that.

    "We have made our expectations clear.”

    "I think he recognises the expectations of all Victorians are that these problems will be fixed. They will be fixed and we will not cease until they are fixed.

    "What's happened over the LINK database is outrageous; what's happened with the failure to deal with LEAP and the parolee issue ... is unacceptable.

    "That problem should have been solved very soon after it was revealed; the failure over child protection communication likewise. These problems have to be fixed, it is up to police command to fix them."

    Mr Overland admitted it had been a terrible week for police command but insisted he still had Police Minister Peter Ryan's support.

    "He's expressed his support for me, he's told me privately that I have his support. He's the sort of forthright character that I'm sure when I don't, he'll let me know," he said.

    Police sources yesterday said Mr Overland and Sir Ken's relationship was so dysfunctional they did not even talk when they passed each other in the corridor.

    Sir Ken had the support of the "troops", the union and even the minister, they said.

    They would be surprised if Sir Ken walked away from the force as it was widely believed he wanted the top job and Mr Ryan wanted him to take it when an opportunity presents itself.

    Sir Ken declined to confirm or deny whether he planned to quit. "I don't want to make any further comment beyond what Simon (Overland) said this morning, and I'm just going to get on with my job," Sir Ken said.

    Mr Overland did not hose down speculation that his deputies were leaving.

    "When Ken Jones, Ken Lay or Keiran Walsh, or anyone else ... makes a decision about their future ... it will be for them to announce it," he said.

    "They will be there as long as they want to be there but I imagine at some point in time, all of them, given the length of service and their age, they will move on, and that's as it should be."

    Police Association secretary Sen-Sgt Greg Davies said losing two experienced deputies at a similar time "could be a mortal blow to the administration of the police force".

    As the Opposition accused the Government of gutlessly trying to white-ant Mr Overland, his predecessor Christine Nixon came to the his defence. "He is doing a good job and I think he is very well respected by the community and the members," she said.

    But veteran homicide detective Charlie Bezzina said Mr Overland had never been up for the job. "Ultimately a person in his position would stand down given what's occurred and I think he owes it to the community to stand down," he said.

    Should Ken Jones replace Overland as top cop?
    • Yes 77.96% (4928 votes)
    • No 22.04% (1393 votes)
    As at 10:55am 22/4/2011

  2. Easter has always been a traditional time for crucifixions so none of this comes as a surprise. Having Christine Nixon pleading his case for him guarantees his fate is sealed.

    When you're hung up on a cross you don't need respect, you need support. Those nails can be a sonofabitch.

    Considering the efforts they went through to recruit him, I doubt that are just going let things continue and watch Sir Ken walk away.