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Simmo's new MT-07LA

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  2. Nice lookin' bike Simmo .. Here's to many an adventure! You got the bike at the right time too, some exposure to the wet / cold weather but leading into the hotter months for some weekend rides!
  3. Thanks Jaytee. I have one important question you or others might be able to answer. Considering I'm a learner who doesn't exactly hoon (yet!), would I be safe on wet roads? I'm aware of the need to be smooth, though find it hard to be dead smooth in first gear, it seems far too sensitive. I don't wrench the throttle of course. Just wondering if it'd still be worth going out on the damp roads if it stays that way for a few days?

    I have ABS on this wonderful bike, after too sessions I know the brakes pretty 'well' (for 2 sessions!) and havent gone near locking them up.
  4. Riding on wet roads is a great incentive to practice 'extra smooth' technique.

    Not just throttle, but also braking and steering.
  5. Love the red stitching on the seat. Very nice...