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Similar bikes to SRX 250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Hello hello:
    Dear NR's, once again, I'd like to appeal to your collective knowledge to sort out a problem..

    the bike, Yamaha SRX 250, 1985, single cylinder.

    I've had along history of trouble with the charging system, have done some rewiring, changed reg/rect, and still only manage to get 12v on the voltmeter @ >2000 revs. Sometime ago, a fellow NR advised me to go for the alternator (stator). Thing is, since I commute on the bike for work, neveer had the time to give it a decent go, as I had some difficulty removing the cover once and didnt want to break something by doing it in a hurry, so the bike went on the trickle chsrgeer after every ride.

    After much fiddling and very controlled malleting, got the cover off. And, the NR was right.. 3 of the "elements" were full of burnt out soot, so now Im in the hunt for a similar one. I have the measurements and a couple of photos, but cant really take it out to compare.. because I need the bike every day to commute..

    SOOO.. Do you know which bikes have a similar engine , or elect system to the SRX? I think there is a Yamaha XT 250 ?or is it TT made in the 80's that is similar.. but any info helps... Thank you!!
  2. XT/TT250 and SR250 are the only likely candidates that spring to mind. It's possible that the bits from something like an XS250 or an RD250 might go on as well. Depends on how seriously Yamaha were taking parts interchangeability in the '80s.
  3. Call your nearest Yamaha dealership, they can tell you what bikes use the same stator (or magneto or alternator depends who you speak to) if you are looking for a second hand one call Yamwreck 03 98078376 they are a specialist Yamaha wrecker.

    Or look up Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong Vic... they repair these.
  4. There are places that can rewind stators, might be worth a try if you can't find an exchange one.
  5. Thank you very much people.. Im in SA, but Ill look for those type of bikes, Ill also give a go at coil rewinders... Yamaha are not much help, since its an old bike they dont have much detail on it.. or the guy I talked to coudnt be F****d.. anyhow.. thankyou
  6. In my limited experience, they were taking it vey seriously. (or is it laziness?) Especially compared to Hondas from around the same period. I'm always stunned at how many parts between the XS650/400, RD350 etc are interchangable. I think the top end is different between the SR250 and the XT250 though. Hmmm.

    Might be worth checking out the SR500 forum. There's a growing SRX fanbase, not sure about the 250 though.
  7. Hello.. thank you very much for your help... after much searching, and thanks to a part finding service on the net.. found a stator in VIC, nothing in sunny SA!! Lucky my dad lives in brunswick and will pick it up sometime this week.. from eastern m'cycle wreckers in Ringwood.
    It turns out that the TT250 and the XT250 have similar engines to the SRX, but different electrics, so the XT and the TT are interchangeable between them, but the SRX only does SRX...(my luck). Anyhow, $100 and my old mans trip to ringwood should get me back to riding without a batt charger on the backpack.
    Thanks for the info... hopefully i can fix my ride soon. cheers