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Silver Top Cabs - near rear-end in the CBD

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by duncan_bayne, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Stopping at a crossing on Collins St. today, as the lights turned yellow. I didn't check my six (bad idea!) because the taxi behind me (danger, Will Robinson!) was maintaining a sensible following distance.

    Pity he wasn't paying attention too ... my attention was drawn by a squeal of brakes, and I turned to see he'd slid to a halt just behind me, in a cloud of tyre smoke.

    Obvious lessons there on my part :oops:

    So I called Silver Top this morning to complain. The first - very grumpy - man I spoke to didn't speak a word of apology, instead he told me that they "didn't own the taxis" and to call the Police instead.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor. After a long wait she came on the line; she was very helpful, suggesting I call their office directly after 09:00 and ask to speak to their quality control people. Again, though, the closest she came to an apology was "you have a valid complaint."

    Anyhow, I'll give them a call in a while and post an update.

  2. I had a similar event happen 12 months ago they wont give a stuff, as far as they're concerned nothing happened so there's no issue or problem
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  3. Which is why I'll also be complaining to the Police, as they suggested.

    Good thing the State of Victoria forces all drivers like that to get around in bright yellow cars with lights on top. (The worst, of course, get special flashing red and blue lights).
  4. I'm sure police will have more important things than dealing with such a complaint.
  5. Yeah, like pulling over motorcyclists to check their papers. Or dragging them off their bikes, beating and OC-spraying them, then letting them go on their way.

    My suspicion though is that if the cops get enough complaints about a company they will probably take a look at it. I suspect that the aggregate statistics are more important than individual complaints.
  6. cops wont care either
  7. My take on the complaint to cops is that you are distracting them from real crime. I'd rather let them do that than trying to find a poor bugger who shit himself when he got distracted and then hit the anchors. He already got his lesson I reckon. So did you. Move on.

    If we were reporting everyone who once didn't do the right thing on a road then we wouldn't have any drivers/riders left on the roads.
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  8. ... and then started getting all aggro with me for having the temerity to stop infront of him just because the lights were turning red.
  9. Sorry that someone "almost" hit you, but the fact is they didn't hit you... and if you complain to the cops they won't care and its a waste of police time.

    if they hit you then you have a valid reason obviously, but chalk this one up as a shitty experience and move on, theres no point in complaining to anyone about it... no one will give a shit. :)
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  10. Have to agree with both Dima and Mikey. Unless he hit you it's really a waste of time complaining. Learn your lesson and move on.
  11. To be clear about this: I normally don't complain about near misses. They happen on such a regular basis, and my strategies for mitigating them are sufficiently good (in my humble opinion - and hey, I'm still around to talk about it) that it's normally a non-issue.

    However, this one was different. Not a wave of apology, or even the 'look straight ahead and pretend nothing happened' admission of guilt. This guy was raging and hand-waving because he nearly cleaned me up. This, from a professional driver.

    So I thought I'd take a few minutes out of my day to complain to his employer, who in turn suggested I file a Police complaint as well. So I did.
  12. The cops will say that the driver had enough distance to not hit you and thanks for your complaint. then throw it away.
    Seriously you are only doing this to make yourself feel better, no one else gives a stuff including most of us here.
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  13. Just say you saw the taxi driver hooning and there was tyre smoke. He'll get lynched
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  14. #14 duncan_bayne, Jan 22, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2014
    Well apparently you care enough to post about it. Channeling Hornet today are we?


    As I say, near misses are common - this was the first time I've been raged at by the cause of said near miss. New experience for me.
  15. They're only saying that because it's their professional way of saying "tell someone who cares" essentially.

    The police will just forget about it as soon as they finish the phone call.
  16. Is this even a ticketable offense? Im sure if a cop saw it they would fine them for something but what would it be? Neg driving?
  17. Yeah, I suspect so. Apparently, if you do it enough, the Vic Govt. makes you drive around in a bright yellow car with a light on top ;)
  18. This is a non issue, he obviously had sufficient braking distance or he WOULD have hit you, the point i'm making is HE DIDN'T HIT YOU, therefore complaining to the police is

    A) A waste of your time and a waste of police time
    8) An absolute pointless endeavor that will yield no result for you or the taxi driver.

    They only told you to file a police complaint because its a nicer way of telling you to piss off, as bottled water said.

    Chalk it up as a shitty experience and move on as you claim to do with other "near misses"

    yeah the guy should of given you a wave saying soz mate didn't mean to scare you but pffft who the fcuk cares. move on.
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  19. waste of time posting something that nearly happens every day to someone somewhere and expecting sympathy.
  20. Whenever I'm riding and see a Taxi, I pull over to the side, get off the bike and take a knee. Looking skyward, I thank a merciful God that I managed to escape...
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